Community Manager
Switzerland Biel/Bienne
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1x NEEO Remote & Brain
3x BrewPi
2x Sonos
1x LG TV
1x Dreambox DM800
1x Kodi Mediaplayer
3x IP-Cam
1x Fibaro 4in1 Sensor
3x Fibaro Cable Plug
2x Aeon Labs Minimote
2x Fibaro RGBW Controller
5x Express Controls EZMotion Triple Sensor
2x Fibaro - Relay insert 2 * 1.5 KW
2x Fibaro Smoke Sensor
1x Everspring In-Wall Remote Insert
2x Duwi Z-Wave Dimmer Insert
1x Z-Wave Temperature/Leakage-Sensor
1x Z-Wave Sirene
2x Danfoss Thermostate
3x SwiidInter Cord Switch
4x Fibaro Universal Door & Window Sensor

...I need to take some more time to write all of them down...
Head of Community Management @ NEEO

I am a home automation enthusiast and I have been automating my home during the last 6 years. I have currently about 60 devices which are all controlled centrally.