How to change the brain on the remote?

I have two brains (Homecinema, Livingroom) with two remotes. How can I change the brain on the remote (in the Remote-App it's easy)? It happens, that the remote from the livingroom connect to the brain in the homecinema (whit a different config). But I have not found how to change ..

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  • Hello  Andreas Coradi Thanks for posting this!

    I suggest unplugging the HomeCinema brain. After you have powered it off you can press and hold the power button on the NEEO Remote and then tap on reboot. With the LivingRoom brain connected, the NEEO Remote should pair with that Brain during the reboot. Let me know if this helps!


  • Jeff Thanks for your reply. What i had to do was shutdown the HC Remote (to avoid that the remote dos connect to LR brain) then power of the HC brain. Next was to reboot the LR remote and at the conection-error (it not connect automaticly to the only powerd on brain) i had to reconnect. At all I was lucky becouse after power on of the HC neeo it was ok. But to be honest. Thats not was I expect from such a remote.... well, there are many many many other things to be fixed. 

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      • Jeff
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      • Jeff
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Andreas Coradi Thanks for the update!

      I can tell you that NEEO's software is evolving every day and we're working diligently to improve the NEEO experience :). 


      Jeff Z

    • Andreas Coradi 

      I agree. You would expect that the remotes can be used througout the house and would not be linked to 1 specific brain.

      the configuration of the rooms in the house should be shared amoung the brains so that all rooms are visible on all remotes.

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