Australian Power Adaptors are Woeful

Not only do we get a couple of ugly, cheap and bulky adaptors to add on to the default chargers, but you cannot actually plug them in side by side in a standard wall plate as they are so huge. I am now considering buying a couple of compatible USB wall chargers at $60 expense to me. Not happy Jan!

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  • Hi  Angus Hume

    Thank you for posting this and sorry to see that this causing an issue as I also agree they are too bulky. I will go back to our team and see if we are considering other alternatives for the future.


    • Jeff Have to agree with Steve, there are lots of adapters that just allow you to slip in the relevant plug for your country, just like the Apple ones except smaller.

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  • I have to agree, these adapters sour the whole unboxing and setup.


    Thee are plenty of Australian type USB power supplies available from a multitude of sources, including the third party one that neeo uses. 


    Please fix this for future shipping to Aus.

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  • I've replaced that hot mess with a Belkin dual plug 2.1A 10w option. Target has them discounted. The white colour works better too.

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  • My ‘solution’ to these multi-voltage wallwart power supplies is to carefully twist/rotate the two prongs so they fit the AU/NZ socket. If you use two narrow pliers or spanned, you can get a sufficient rotation without either cracking the casing, or severing the prong. Just a thought. 

    • John Mansell That’s meant to be “spanners” ...

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