favourite disappeared ...


anyone else experiencing the loss of 95% of the favourite icons ??

both on the iPhone app & remote ...


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  • This happened to me for a new channel I added.  All I'm getting it a music icon.  

    I rebooted remote but it didn't help.

    On the same topic, sometimes the icons don't appear at all - just the text - and gradually they slowly appear one by one.  I thought the images would be stored/cached on the remote?

    • Brian Chambers gerald carosati

      You can reboot your NEEO Brain, this should bring up the Icons after first launch of the applicable recipe. There is a bug, that sometimes the Brain looses the Picture but thinks he still have it in the cache. After a reboot, the Cache is deleted and the brain refetched the IMGs.

      To reboot the Brain, just pull the Power Cable out, wait 5 seconds and then replug the Brain.

      • AstroBBoy
      • Brian_Chambers
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Markus Mahr Thanks - that worked

  • yup, thats what I did ... Hope the next firmware is coming soon and loads of these bugs are getting ironed out ...