Turn Off recipe with physical button does nothing

When i launch a recipe and try to turn it off (10 min after for example) with the physical button, nothing happen. No physical button is working. I cannot go Home, switch Off the recipe. I need to use the touch screen to go back to the home screen. Then, if i'm luck i can tap on the off button on the touch screen. Sometimes, there is nothing on the home screen to switch the recipe off.

It happens ofter (but not always).

I'm sure Lifx/sonos are  cool things to work on, but by now, i think there is still some more work to do on basic things like turning off a recipe.

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  • And right now, i just launched a recipe to watch a movie on my Plex Media Player. Neeo physical button does not work. I cannot control the volume... If i go home with the touchscreen back button, launch the recipe again, then the physical buttons work again.

  • Nicolas Philippe As you have seen already there is another thread which really seems related. We'll be looking into that issue immediately.

    Do you see this behavior in all recipes or is this related to a specific one?

    What kind of device is your Plex Media Center running on?

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