One Year!!

Received my NEEO remote one year ago last week, and wanted to register my overall happiness with the product and the ongoing support from NEEO.

It replaced a Logitech Harmony in a system that runs a music server, projector (with AppleTV and Oppo sources) and some minimal automation and continues to work quite well.

Congratulations to the NEEO team and thanks again for a wonderful remote.

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  • I'm similarly pretty happy with mine.

    I came from a Harmony Touch with Hub that was so slow to respond at times that I'd worry I hadn't actually pressed a button so I'd press it again only to have it finally catch up a few seconds later my multiple presses would do stupid stuff like turn the volume up too high. It was a frustrating experience and one of the things I was hoping that the NEEO with emphasis placed on the processors involved would fix.

    It did. The NEEO is, when it's working correctly, FAST and I love it. I also like the simplified button layout compared to the Harmony and that they did the right thing and placed all the buttons below the screen (one of the dumber things about the Harmony Touch).

    It did take awhile to get to a point where the NEEO was stable enough that I wasn't regularly running into issues but when it finally got there it's been stable, fast, and serving all of my needs great.

    I do understand people who are still frustrated with the fact that many features promoted in the Kickstarter though.

    Lots of things were promised that still aren't there. And lots of seemingly basic sorts of UI needs still haven't been met. But like you, overall, I'm quite happy certainly more happy than I was with my Harmony.