Can NEEO support my device, if they don't have the codes?

The standard procedure to get a device added by NEEO is explained over here

Usually, we are very quick at adding new IR controlled devices. One of the big advantages can be seen in the fact that these drivers are then available for everyone - so it's not just intended for you but for everyone else with the same device.

Therefore, an IR learning solution is not necessary in most cases. However, there are some rare cases where we are not able to obtain the correct codes.

Because of this, I'd like to offer a way to get your device supported quickly anyway. 


Send your original remote to our office

We are usually able to learn the codes the very same day your remote arrives at one of our offices and immediately add your device to our database. As soon as you have confirmed that all learned codes work fine, we'll return your remote. 

Please do not send your remote without getting in contact with us first. We would like to check the availability of a driver before you send the remote, in order to check if it is necessary or not to send it.


If your remote is needed for learning, we'll let you know. Then you can send it, depending on your own location, either to the US or the Swiss office. Please make sure to include a print-out of our recent conversion to the package - or at the minimum a ticket number (if available) or any info that helps us to assign the remote to the correct support case.


Swiss office:

Andreas Marti
Niklaus-Konrad-Strasse 8
4500 Solothurn


US office:

20432 Silverado Ave #215
95014 Cupertino
Unites States

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