Rename recipies and devices, change icon


I am basically satisfied with my Neeo remote, but it annoys me that I am not able to change the name of a recipe and that I am not able to change a recipe's icon.

I have a TV and a settop box. My recipe for watching TV has the icon AND the name of the settop box. I want it to have a TV icon and a name like 'Watch TV'.


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  • Renaming recipes is posible and if you use the generated ones is also posible by renaming the device. I think they are working on it. This was also requested months ago. 

    The icons I dont know, I hope they will!

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  • Would love to see an option to choose the icon for a recipe.  It'd be great if they posted a design guide for icons and a place to upload them so graphic oriented users could create their own as well, and potentially share with the community.  Or allow users to create their own icons independently without regard to aesthetics, which I imagine is like nails on a chalkboard to the designers haha.  But still, would be a bonus feature for many users.

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  • I would suggest separating these two ideas. There are already two active votings running. For Change recipe icons, please vote here and for renaming device/recipes here. I am going to move this thread to the Archive. 

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