NEEO cloud is not reachable

When I try to add a device in the NEEO App in can only see this text:
NEEO cloud is not reachable, so no IR device will be available for install. You can install SDK and custom devices.

So it is not possible to add new devices anymore. Can someone confirm that? 

Have the servers been shut down for good or is this just a temporary phenomenon?

If this should be permanent from now on, you probably will not be able to add new devices before the promised end of the support period.

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  • The same message pops up on me when I try to add a new device.

    I hope that is just temporary.


  • This bit is intriguing:

    You can install SDK and custom devices.

    Shame all interest amongst those of us who could breath new life into it appears to have dried up or been redirected elsewhere (**cough** YIO **cough**)

    What are we up to now?  Month 6 of "support"?  At this point, are any of us really that surprised?  Empty promises have been the hallmark of this from the start.  :(

  • sounds strange.. in my opinion this is just temporary, i added a new device just a week ago with no problems.. but i can be wrong.. :(

  • Some of the former NEEO guys wanted to make the NEEO open but there’s no indication that will ever happen. The least we needed is being able to add/offer Ir drivers ourselves either through a SDK or through the App. I believe that adding drivers through their database is of value to C4 as it completes their database as well and thus unlikely well be able to use the remote any longer then they offer their services. It’s a real shame.

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  • Looks like it was temporary. I have tested to add a new device a couple of minutes ago.

    It was working like a charm and it makes me sad to know this can be over any time soon.

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