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New to the forum. I am a home theater junkie, I was a home theater installer for 7-8 years or so but I haven’t done it professionally in a few years. I have had every remote control solution out there. I stayed away from the c4, urc, and savant pro solutions because I can’t program it myself. I make changes all the time to my set up to have someone come out and make a change each time would be ridiculous. I hate the harmony interface, and currently I have savant total home control. Savant discontinued this product but I actually enjoyed the remote experience. So I am in the market for a new remote, and to make this long story short. All I want to know is if this remote comes in black???? Sounds really dumb I know lol. But I would much more prefer a black remote over a silver remote. Additionally, does the remote also have support for projectors? 

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  • Joseph Plunkett the current remote in black was limited to kickstarter only. So you will not be able to buy it New in this color. You only can search for second hand purchase.

    All ir controlled hardware is currently no issue, if a hardware is missed, the team is fast and search for the right codes and implement it. When it comes to other control methods, it is a bit rare, but with every new software there are new hardware supports available.

  • Hi, Joseph Plunkett. Welcome to Planet NEEO and thank you for considering buying a NEEO. 🙂 As  Markus Mahr mentioned, the current black version was limited to Kickstarter. If you are already worked as a home theater installer, you could reach out to a dealer nearby to check this out and sign up. 

  • Thanks everyone. Purchased and inbound. 

    • Joseph Plunkett Awesome! Welcome to the NEEO family. If you ever have any questions Planet NEEO is for sure the best place and also - never hesitate to send us direct messages. 

    • Raphael thank you. Remote was delivered today. I will tinker with it when I get home. Most of my needs are pretty basic so I’m sure it will be fine. The only issue I ever run into is the codes for my receiver which is a pioneer elite sc-95. As long as that works the rest I’m sure will work fine. 


      As as a side note I see a lot of people mention there is no ability for basic ir learning and custom buttons. If that is still not a feature. I would encourage that as well. As a custom installer for almost a decade, this is a feature that I’ve used the most across all macro based remote solutions. 

  • Raphael so my equipment is no where near my TV. So my brain and ir sits with my equipment in a closet. Since neither the remote or the charging base have IR. What are my options? Can I get another brain to put near my TV and tell the software to control the TV from brain 2 and everything else from brain 1? 

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