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I have been using NEEO for about a year with few issues.  I replaced a TV with a Samsung QLED TV.  When I went to add a device on NEEO I couldn't find the TV model (QN75Q90RAF) but I selected another Samsung TV with a similar model number and the NEEO remote can turn the TV off and on.  But, I have lost all other functionality.  My receiver, Apple TV, Roku and volume no longer respond to the NEEO remote.  The Samsung TV uses a box called a "One Connect" for cable management.  I'm wondering if I need to change how devices are wired to each because of this device.  Please advise.  Thanks!



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  • Because you removed a device you broke the chain so you have to go through the initial device setup without deleting the rest of the devices but recreating your macros or recipes and /or rooms.

    You start off by adding devices then add devices to rooms and there after the recipes. The placement the IR emitter may be considered.


    My system consists of HDMI-cec in play as well.

    But also the amazing Node-RED NEEO by

    It's with great regret that he never got to finish it but it still works in its' raw form by firing off your recipes with a Home Automation server.

    • Emmanuel Serebe Thanks for you reply!  I will go through the initial device setup again.  One question: your response indicates that I'll need to go through the initial device without deleting the rest of the devices but in the next sentence state I should start off by adding devices.  If I don't delete the rest of the devices I won't have any devices to add.  Can you clarify?  Thanks!

    • Chris Burns True in your observation but in this case I mean the deleting the old TV device and then add new one. So if all the other devices are still in place, you can go through testing them before you add them to the new recipes.

    • Emmanuel Serebe Got it.  I'll try it out tonight.  Thanks again.

  • I'm happy to report that deleting the tv and adding back a new one resulted in the recipe working again for turning the devices on.  Another question: I set up Favorite channels but when I press a channel icon the channel doesn't change.  I have tried using different numbering formats (for example, using 02, 002 and 002 for Channel 2) but that doesn't work.  I'm sure this has been covered in previous discussions but I couldn't find any info that helped.  Any advice?  Thanks.

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