Buttons missing on Onkyo TX-NR686



Just received my Neeo, and set up some devices. Mostly works, but the back button does nothing (nor the menu button). Think the menu should get me to the setup screen on my receiver (the one with a wheel on the original remote). Hard to get back in the Deezer playlist without the back button.


-- Mike

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  • Hi,  Michael Rydén. Welcome to Planet NEEO. 🙂 

    Thank you very much for reporting this. Does the back button work when you add it as a shortcut or is it not working neither (hard buttons, shortcut on screen)? 

    I have also forwarded it to the team to check the commands.

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  • I first noted then the shortcut didn't work, though it was just a mapping error. Then I noticed that the hard button didn't work either.


    The shortcut to menu doesn't work either.

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    • Michael Rydén 

      Please excuse our very late reply!

      For AVRs, there is not a lot mapped to any hard buttons right now. You'll have to add them to the shortcut screen. 

      Anyway, did you test the BACK button as a shortcut?

      Also, we are offering multiple Menu and Option commands: MENU, MENU TOP & OPTION. Did you try all of them?

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    • Andy Most of the buttons seem to work (prev, next, play, stop etc). The only ones i didn't manage to get to work was the back button (kinda important one) and the menu button. Not sure what the menu button itself is called from Onkyos side, but it's the button with a wheel on the physical remote itself. It redirect to the receivers setup menu.


      Yes, i tested both the psychical and shortcut button, neither is working. I have to get the original remote to go back in the menus when browsing online music (like Deezer).

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    • Michael Rydén 

      This should be fixed now. The menu button you want can be executed via the MENU shortcut now. Also, BACK was just fixed. The new data appears around 12AM CET. Thanks!

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