NEEO app 2.0

In the search of a second domotica system just to show values of different sensors I thought to myself: NEEO is already capable of reading these values. I understand widgets can use a lot of battery on the remote and is not really needed all of the time. 

Here is an idea; make the app more capable of those kind of widgets, values and make it more customizable. For example, let the user create tiles on a different page to show and control various devices with their values.

Show and control temperature, indivdual switches with their values, registered over time to show power usage, show live feed of cameras, control lights.

This is loose from the remote making the app a second and more detailed source for home automation 

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  • Hi Wessel , The SDK allows you to display many values. You can display them as text's in a textfield. you can offer states through slieders and switches and you are able to show data through the use of images. The SDK also allows for showing list's like with sonos, where you are able to place a lot of information. we spoke about the Homey intergration in another post, with my app you can do all of that with the exception of the list's.

    Every update comes with new SDK features. enhancing the all you need remote ;-)

    I personally use my neeo remote to view/set the room temperature, watch over my 3D printer using the image component that i just update (not live video though) I removed the power consumption displays as i didn't viewed it but it's certainly possible.

    Let me know if you want to see something specific in this regards and i can make a little demo for you.

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  • Hi niels! Thanks a lot for the feedback:) I'd like that :) but i'm not that good with the SDK I've tried it once but it is quite difficult for a layman. Is it something I could do?

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    • Wessel Otter With the SDK you can do so much cool stuff but it has it’s learning curve and is time consuming. I wrote my Homey app because homey already has a great amount of community built drivers (called apps). With my app I can build a NEEO driver with a couple of taps/clicks. This saves me a lot of time while being able to cover most of my usecases.


      ill record and post a demo for you.

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    • Niels de Klerk that would be great! I would love to work on it but i chose the NEEO for the ease of setup. I don't know if I will be able to learn it. Either way I'd love to see NEEO accepting apps from people working with the SDK like you. Just to make the life of people like me easier;) just download an app on NEEO and go :) 

      Is it possible to use your programms?

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    • Niels de Klerk it all looks like jibberisch to me ;) why must it be so complicated..

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    • Wessel Otter this will help I hope

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    • Wessel Otter hope this video will show you how to build a NEEO driver using my Homey integration. The installation is of the NEEO app on Homey is just a tap on the install button. They have an App Store.

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    • Niels de Klerk this looks far more inviting! thanks for taking the time to make this I'm really leaning towards the Homey, maybe this is the breakthrough I needed! It looks easy enough when you do it ;) thanks again

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  • Wessel Otter if you only want to design a completely individual remote interface for a smartphone, tablet, android smartwatch and thus to visualize all devices that are controlled via NEEO, then this is already possible with additional software. Otherwise, it only helps to wait and see if the surface of the NEEO itself can ever be customized.
    I myself used to create my own remote interfaces and switch devices via NEEO IPSStudio and NEO in combination with IP Symcon and IPSymconNEEO

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    • Fonzo looks great! but im not going to spend additional money on software.. 80 euros thats way too much for me

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      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
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      Wessel Otter  Hopefully in the future more can be adapted to the NEEO, at the moment you can not adjust the font, font size and icons. If that were possible, that would be a start, but not a substitute for other software. The expectation that it should someday be possible to make similar things with NEEO alone like years ago with the Pronto I have personally given up.

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    • Fonzo I'm not even started yet and I already have given up.. this is not managable for the common folk.. the amount of work to be done just to have the SDK running is mindbending. I just can't wrap my head arround the logic of this system. It is too much for me

      there is this great community and developers, there are some bright minds that can figure this out. I love to see more/faster integration of new stuff in NEEO.  

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  • To me, it seems like NEEO themselves have also given up. 😝 This remote is too underpowered to deliver everything they promised in their campaign. Palm control, different users, Nest integration, find your remote by using the app so the remote makes noise, months on a single charge,... Will never happen I think. 

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