Recipes and some devices do not appear

hi there

Basically I really like my new Neeo Remote and Brain. But either I do not understand the concept or something is wrong.

I have several rooms and "real" devices in it (TV, Hue Lamps). But some of the recipes I additionally create are not shown in the Home/Room View. Although they are "active" in the recipes overview. Can somebody help me or explain what could be the problem?


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  • Hi  Michael

    Can you please call our support line (1-844-669-6336). It would be best to call so we can better assist in this specific matter. My team is standing by M-F 9 am to 5 pm PST. You can also DM me so I can set up a scheduled call at your earliest convenience too.


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      • Michael
      • Michael.2
      • 5 mths ago
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      Jeff would be better to have a contact in switzerland. Ich bin nämlich us de Schwiz :-)

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    • Michael i'm from Switzerland, not from NEEO, but i think i can help you out. :)

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      • Jeff@NEEO
      • Head of Customer Experience
      • Jeff
      • 5 mths ago
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      Michael  Ingrid Ingrid can you see about helping Michael, please?



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  • Hi,  Michael. Thank you very much for your feedback. Which of your devices/ recipes do you miss on the Home Screen? 

    Please note the different handling between automatically and manually created recipes. 

    If your device is added, and the required wiring process is completed, you will have automatically created recipes.
    Simply choose the correct Inputs, all other steps are created automatically.

    Also, only source devices are shown on the home screen.
    If an automatically created recipe includes the step "Show controls", you will also see a bar on the Home screen after starting the recipe ( =>Now Active). Apart from a few exceptions (e.g. Playstation,..). 
    We always recommend using automatically created recipes and adjust them to your needs if necessary. 

    When you create a recipe manually (Settings > Recipe > Create new Recipe), it depends on the steps you've chosen.
    You will only see your manually created recipes on the home screen if you choose the step "Icon is pressed (on the home screen)". Recipes with Sensor value changes, Time of day or Interval are only listed in "Recipes". These recipes are running in the background. Therefore, is no need for a control pad. 

    You've also noticed that some devices are hidden, which means you can not see them on the Home screen, although they are listed under "Devices". When you can't find your device then it's hidden by default, for instance, your AVR as we think you wouldn't use your AVR without any source device. If you like to use any commands from this device, simply add commands as shortcuts. 

    I hope that helps a bit to get a better understanding. Please let me know if you need further help or to schedule a call. 

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