I installed Neeo two days ago and it was to replace the harmony remote. As a long time user if harmony, I had great expectations as a user who had seen nice designs and ads on Neeo, and even purchased it from Amazon. 

But it was a big mistake. I spent nearly six hours setting up neeo, and again when I thought I had installed it completely, there was a problem. I used to spend a lot of time searching the internet and tried various things, but it never worked well. We are not engineers, so there is no reason to waste a lot of money and time to use an incomplete product.

Harmony worked almost perfectly and there was no reason to change to neeo except for the design. For good design, do not lower the performance of the device. And I think that Neeo workers should know why many buyers are suffering from inconvenience and should not have to buy an incomplete product.

I am going to return it. 

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  • Don't give up so fast. Got my Neeo two days ago, and im also long time harmony user. Neeo is different, but it is not so complicated and it works pretty well, at least in my case.  

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  • Kay Lee Maybe you should contact Jeff and try let him help you out. There are differences in the Setup Process and also in function. But when NEEO is setup, it is a nice working Hardware. The software has some hickups but there are a great team behind it trying to squeeze teh bugs.

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  • Hi  Kay Lee Thank you for posting on Planet NEEO too. Please email me directly so we can work together and see if we can make things work for you. Sometimes the product does not work how folks think it does, but I am sure there is a way. With the exception of TP-Link devices and Roku streaming stick, I am confident we can get it to work for you :).


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