initial setup: trouble with UPC Cablecom Horizon GW-7401


just received the NEEO and started the setup - not very obvious, a beginners guide would certainly help a great deal. After a long afternoon of trial-and-error I managed to get a TV program to show. However I was no able to find the proper driver for the cable modem "UPC Cablecom Horizon GW-7401" (UPC Switzerland).

Can someone please tell me which is the best driver for this device? (there are several options for 7401 units, apparently the device by UPC is manufactured by Samsung).
For now I was not able to find a driver, that enables NEEO to turn the cable modem ON and OFF.

A note on the side: I am using an old "Logitech Harmony Remote 1100eu" that in contrast is able to turn the cable modem on and off. It does NOT send RF signals, only IR signals, just like NEEO.

The basic setup

The TV connects via the HDMI (ARC) port to the Soundbar which connects to the cable modem. CEC is enabled.

The goal is to eventually control the following Devices with NEEO

  • UPC Cablecom Horizon GW-7401    Cable-TV, Internet, Phone                  LAN
  • YSP-1600                                           Yamaha Soundbar (subwoofer)          LAN
  • UE40D7080LSXZG (yr.2011)              Samsung TV                                       LAN
  • BD-D6900 (yr. 2011)                           Samsung Blueray Player                    LAN
  • WXC-50                                             Yamaha PreAmplifier for Turntable    LAN
  • BeoSound Ouverture 2631               B&O, Radio & DVD Player            no LAN

All media devices are connected with Zyxel Switch GS1900 (8-Ports).

When adding favorites I noticed a cumbersome selection process. What if the provider changes channel numbers? There is no half-way decent option to manage favorites.
NEEO should be able to read the channel list and provide an interface to manage the output easily. Or allow export-, import-functions to the manage the channel list externally.

In general, NEEO brain should be accessible via a browser (actually it is) to apply changes reliably. http://<ip-address>:3200/iui/

Also it would be beneficial to have an updated knowledge base in form of a wiki. Reading through a ton of case specific posts and threads is terribly time consuming and makes the learning curve even steeper.

Any hints and tips to avoid traps are most welcome to make this setup be controlled by NEEO.

I am looking forward to receiving some helpful feedback.

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  • Hi Hans Loepfe

    i don't know the UPC Box, but i read somewhere here that it works. there will be a workin' device i think.
    which devices are already working? have you already added all of them?

    I can understand you, but how about channel lists? you can also create your own channel lists on the UPC box, then you don't have the problem with the channel change and furthermore it has the advantage that if you actually want to watch TV, you have a guide with the channels you also want to watch... I can only speak for myself, but a "tidy" guide makes more sense.

    a wiki would be very good, too. that would be easier and would certainly clarify a lot of questions. i agree with you.

    as mentioned above, let us know what exactly doesn't work. There are a lot of descriptions how to setup NEEO, Ingrid knows where :)

    Further Andy or Ingrid can tell you which UPC box you have to take.

  • nuro Thanks for your reply. I like your idea/hint regarding the channel list. So you would sort of "import" that list into NEEO. How can that be done. Is there any proper description to this concept?

    As of now I am struggling to get the Cable Modem, the soundbar and the TV to work properly. Once that is done I will add the other devices.

    The Cable Modem it does not turn ON or OFF and upon adding the device, the HDMI magic does not reveal any results. 

    Looking forward to learn about the proper driver for the Cable Modem ( @Andy or @Ingrid )

    • Hans Loepfe 

      sorry for the misunderstanding, but unfortunately there is, as far as I know, no way to import channel lists to NEEO.
      i meant to create a channel list on the UPC box, then assign the channels to the favorite buttons, so you wouldn't have any problems if UPC changes channels.

      why your TV and your soundbar don't work properly is not shown to me here. they should just work. but the recipes it has already created for you automatically? there comes a selection dialog, where you have to say, how the volume should be adjusted?

      for everything else I have to leave you with NEEO, but they will definitely help you.

  • Hi,  Hans Loepfe. Welcome to Planet NEEO. Thank you for reaching out to us. 

    If you own a UPC Cablecom Horizon GW-7401, that this is the correct driver for your device. If you are not able to control your Horizon box, first of all, please check your NEEO Brains position. Could you try placing your NEEO Brain closer to your device, to send more IR signals? You can also use the additional IR emitter. If you have a bookshelf or a TV rack, try moving the brain or the IR emitter in the rack, or place the IR emitter on or behind the device. Here you can also find an article about setting up your NEEO for the first time. You can also find some unboxing and set up videos here on Planet NEEO. There are also three different setup Videos from, which might be helpful.

    I've also forwarded your request about Samsung model no. UE40D70LSXZG to our driver team to add this as quickly as possible. 

    All other listed devices are supported. Please note that your BeoSound Ouverture is (what we call) a combo device. You can find more information about combo devices over here

    If you need further help with your set up or with recipes, please let me know. 

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  • Hans Loepfe Your Samsung UE40D70LSXZG has been added. It is now available. 

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