Best way to choose new smart home devices?

First things First:

I never ever checked something more regularly than the NEEO Kickstarter comments page (often times more than once a day). I'm really looking forward to this thing.


My issue:

I still wonder (i wrote a similar support mail long time ago that got beautifully answered, but the "problem" still exists) how to choose new devices for my home.

I get the idea of choosing a new smart plug and then checking on the WWN-Page, if it Works with NEEO (Problem here: Fibaro i.e. is supported, but not shown on this page?!). But this way that doesnt feel right. I don't want to double-check every nice device i find, i want to just choose out of supported ones.

I want a Page with, say, "what do you want? Smart Plug? These are the best Smart Plugs supported by NEEO. What else do you need? Smart Thermostat? These here are supported! And by the way, these cameras here are also perfectly integrated."


Any way/idea how we could realize this?

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  • Totally agree. Sometimes I have some device in mind and can check this but most times I just  think on what I would want to search for. 


    Some years ago a needed to find a home security cam compatible with my home servers software. Drove me nuts to find something. .Now I have NEST. LOL. So yeah, would come in very handy if NEEO would have some sort of list with kategories to chose from.

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  • We know that currently the supported z-wave devices are not listed on Works with NEEO, I have to check on how quickly we can have this fixed. Once you have your NEEO Brain setup you can check these by using our app.

    I do like your idea about having categories and not just an option to search. We'll discuss that internally for sure 馃憤

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    • Patrick Would it be possible to use tags [clouds] (e.g. for technology) to search but also for users to be able to tag (as references) to devices in their posts?
      So if I'm interested in "Heating" and "Z-Wave" and "Fully supported" I can select these tags. I then not only get a list of devices supported but also references to where they were mentioned for further reading (full guides, mentioning in threads etc.).

      Similarly use the same tags in a users profile for the user to identify devices/technologies he is interested in and a user can elect to field questions for specific devices. For these the user can choose to get notified when they are mentioned.

      As example I'd likely be interested in Z-Wave, OpenHAB, FHEM, Squeezebox/server and happy to answer questions for specific devices I use in anger (e.g. Squeeze Radio or Danfoss LC-13).

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      • Beat M
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      Did you discuss that in the meantime? Would be very helpful!

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  • +1 on this.  If I'm looking for a new device haveing a list would be useful vs trying to figure out if I'm typing things in correctly.  

    Also some of these smart home devices have many features.  Some of the motion detectors I have will also do temperature, humidity, light sensing as well. It would be great to see which features other than the main one just the motion detection. 

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  • Jan Zellerhoff  Very good point, I am also in the process of identifying smart devices for my home. It would be great to have a list of devices with "deep integration" (e.g., I sense the Neeo team is doing everything to ensure Sonos works) in categories like Andre Breiler is suggesting.

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  • Same here. Even a simple list of all devices from the "works with NEEO" page would be really helpful!

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  • Just wanted to revive this topic again! It is still hard to buy/decide for new supported devices! Anything planned on NEEOs Side?

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