SAMSUNG LN40B650T1F TV ("Dumb device" screen-no response to commands)

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  • Anthony Roper I have made a new thread from your post. This allows us to properly keep track and make sure we are not missing anything. 

    Do I understand that correctly that your device is not reacting to the commands that are sent our when you manually send them on the stupid device screen?

    • Patrick Correct. There is no response whatsoever

  • Anthony Roper Thanks for the feedback. I will have the device driver team check this one.

    Did you try changing the position of the NEEO Brain? Is there a direct line of sight in between the NEEO Brain and the device to be controlled? I just want to make sure that there actually is a problem with the commands set and no a general IR reception problem. Maybe posting a picture of your setup would help us to evaluate if that could work.

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  • Hi Patrick and thanks for following this issue so thoroughly. I'm posting a photo of my (Living room) setup.  As for your concern that there may be general IR reception problems, I'm pretty confident that theory can be discarded based on the following information I posted 2 days ago: "Update: On a hunch, I added a Samsung cable box from your devices list (Samsung SMT-5230), which does NOT match my Samsung cable box model number, then I updated the recipe. The newly added device works and responds to commands but gets the "stupid device" screen. The interesting part is that the originally added device did not respond to any commands despite matching my Samsung cable box model number perfectly (Samsung SMT-5320). Since this solution partially works, I'll leave it as is and disregard the model number discrepancy until your team makes the necessary adjustments for full automation. I imagine you may want to update your database to correct this conflict (see screen shots)".  My point is that the NEEO Brain had no difficulty controlling the substituted device (Samsung SMT-5230). Other than getting the "Stupid device" screen which prevents full automation and the fact that its model number does not match the device itself, I can operate this device without interruption. My view is that this is clearly not an IR reception issue.  Just to clarify, we are discussing my Living room setup here, not my bedroom (where none of the devices responds to NEEO commands).  BTW, I hope this doesn't mean I need to purchase an additional brain for my bedroom. My understanding is that IR signals travel through the house via wifi (or assisted by wifi). Assuming my understanding of how this operates is correct, then I expect the devices in my bedroom to respond to commands without the NEEO Brain having to be physically in the bedroom.  

  • I have posted over here too.

    Unfortunately, your understanding of IR signals is wrong. IR has to be imagined like light, meaning it can not travel through walls or any material that is not transparent, not even being transparent for our eyes means that it is working reliably. It is also influenced by other lights, so, for example, a bright sunshine directly on one of the devices could have an influence. 

    This also directly clears why none of the devices in your bedroom work so far.

    Ther are other possibilities to controls devices on which we are working, for example, Bluetooth, CEC or IP. but all of these have their limits too. Bluetooth does not have a really good range, CEC needs direct wiring with an HDMI cable and IP (control over the network) often cannot turn devices on if they are not wired to ethernet.

    You could get another NEEO Brain, there are other solutions around too. Search for "Wireless IR Extender" either here on Planet NEEO, Google or directly on Amazon. Here is an example.

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