Neeo Remote locked up

My remote was sitting in its cradle today charging up, and I just went to use it and it did not respond to any input.

I had to hard power cycle it by holding down the power button for a while. Nothing displayed until I put the remote back in the cradle, when it showed a full battery + some data down the bottom of the screen (version info?). It then powered up and appears to be working fine.

Is there a way for me to provide debug logs?


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  • Bill Clarke This is actually a allready known issue. To get the Remote back to work, it is required to hold the Power key for at least 7 seconds, this forces the remote to shut down. thereafter you can power it up again, either by placing it to the dock or by pressing the power button and wait until powered up again.

    This fault is a very rare edge case in witch the remote shuts off the display (every other thinks keep working fine). This will be surely fixed with a further Software Upgrade!

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