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I received my NEEO yesterday and have worked through the basic steps of set-up, upgrade, and using the remote and app to set up a few devices - the information readily available made this a straightforward process in my case. Without documentation, I am now finding it taking a great deal of time trying to find answers to my questions. I have been following discussion threads since Planet NEEO was available, and have made an effort to become familiar with discussion topics and tags. But now I am feeling unsure as to how and where to ask the questions I need answers to. As an example, I was unsure how to access the menu on my TV until I happened upon an an answer within a seemingly unrelated discussion response that I am unclear as to how to even find again. Is there somewhere that I have missed that such basic functionality information can be found? Also, there is an 'input' button on my TV remote that I can't see on my NEEO remote, unless I go through the menu and use the remote L or R buttons. My issue is am I just unaware of the proper way of doing this, or is this one of the times where I send a request to NEEO to have them add it to my particular model - as I see so many users doing. If this is the case, I am now unsure as to the proper way of sending this request - to someone directly? Through a particular discussion? 

I am asking and sharing this not as a complaint but out of frustration. I am someone who reads manuals, and researches answers to my questions. I am just finding that I am using valuable time inefficiently, something I hope those more familiar with Planet NEEO can help me avoid.

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  • Tom Mandel the normal way neeo is used is based on the recipe meaning. Maybe it will help you when you get a short explanation what a recipe is:

    If you have added all you devices to NEEO, the NEEO Brain shows up some basic Recipes, for example, if you add a TV, nee should ask you, if u use the tuner of the TV to watch TV and then build a recipe only involving your TV.

    If you add a TV, a AVR and a Set-Top Box (e.g. Apple TV) Neeo build a Recipe called Apple TV and ask you if you wire your Apple TV to the AVR or to the TV, either what you select, the next step is to select the Input on witch your Apple TV is wired. The next question should be someting like, witch device did you use to control the Audio (TV or AVR) then the Volume buttons get mapped to this device.

    so normally you don't need to select the Input by Hand (as you do with the bunch of other Remotes). If you have setup everything neeo starts up your equipment and select the previous set Inputs for you. That means, if you Wire your Apple TV to HDMI1 on your AVR and the AVR to HADMI1 on the TV, NEEO switches all devices ON, Switches your TV to the HDMI1 and set your AVR to HDMI1, then mapps the Volume Buttons to control the volume of the AVR and the rest of the buttons to navigate through your Apple TV. If you then select the HArdkey Power Off or the Softkey (on the Touchscreen) NEEO turns all your devices to OFF.


    Hopefully this explanation help you to figure out how NEEO works.

    If you have issues, the best way is to report it either in this Topic and Mention Patrick (do it with the @-Symbol followed by Patrick /Make sure to select the right one!/)

    Or if you have IR Control Issues, mention Andy, he is very fast with fixing issues.

    Sometimes it needs a few hours that someone of NEEO was reading your Input, but normally Patrick reads every Single Topic and Replys. Also keep in mind, that they do this as WORK and not like any other guy here as a freetime hobby, that means they only work for normal Business Hours (CH and US-California Times)!

    If you have further Question, you can mention me if you want and maybe i can help you.

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      Markus Mahr Thank you for responding to my post, and for the recipe overview and examples. I also appreciate advice on how to best forward my questions. My current setup is fairly straightforward, and I plan to keep it that way as I learn the functionality of the new remote.

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