Neeo as Control4 remote

Any experiences with Neeo as a replacement for the ugly and old-school Control4 remote?

Or in a Neeo-Control4 combined setup where you could use the Control4 wallpanels and on tv User Interface?

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  • Jochen Bonne I just saw this. Seems a year ago you have predicted the future! ;) 

    As you already saw - the NEEO PRO was just announced.

    Dealers can sign up here:

    Hope you love it!

    • Raphael and further more future predictions... neeo and control4 now become one! 馃槏

      ..and hopefully this comment stands as my entry into the prize draw for the last signed unit? Fingers and toes crossed!!!

      • Martin Rohner
      • The only easy day was yesterday...
      • Martin_Rohner
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Stuart Barnard and Raphael

      Wow, and this is another crap statement from a fresh new user (joined the day the anouncement was made) and to keep up the false cheer. You know where you can put your last signed remote? Keep it yourself and shove it up where it's dark...

    • Martin Rohner you are absolutely right

      thats a shameful behavior of them all...

    • Martin Rohner Dont drag me into the politics of what's happened! Yeah I'm a new user, but I heard about Neeo for the first time only 2 weeks ago.... I only commented because I wanted to try and win a Neeo remote  for my own use, being that they're no longer selling them outside of the control4 network. I would rather not buy a second hand one, so figured it was worth a shot before I look elsewhere. I'm (almost as) disappointed about the merger as existing users must be, as I was looking forward to buying a couple later this year and putting them to use.

      I'm certainly not here to keep up any "false cheer", so shove kindly shove your comment somewhere dark if you can't find anything better to say.

  • I think that depends a lot on which devices you'd like to control exactly, would be interesting to hear more about that from you. In general NEEO should be able to replace the Control4.

    • Patrick Will keep you updated once implemented. Still waiting for the NEEO's :-)

  • Hi Patrick - I am also a Control4 user and am going to hop into this thread as I have a bit more information here. Control4 controls most of the same devices that are controlled by NEEO. The primary difference is that Control4 uses a proprietary box that links up to the entire system and controls television, Apple TV, Nest, Sonos, etc... However, the issue with Control4 is that it requires an authorized dealer to come out to your home for any installation and/or changes to the system (including remote programming). Also, their lighting and a few other components are actually Control4 components - again, linking up to their box. My guess is that NEEO would have to incorporate Control4 drivers, and even more importantly, I would assume that Control4 would have to incorporate NEEO support. If you look at Control4's website ( ), and also read some information on how the system works via other website reviews, it will give you a bit more information. In essence, the Control4 boxes are somewhat similar to the NEEO brain, as it is what "talks" to all of the pieces within your home automation system. I assume that the brain would therefore need to talk to the Control4 box. Please let us know if this helps at all, and how we can proceed in working this integration into the remote. I have a contact at Control4 as well, and can provide you with their information. If you'd like this, please send me an email and I can link the two of you together. Because I backed the project on Kickstarter, it has taken 2.5 years to receive my NEEO and since then I have moved into a home with Control4 (thus making my NEEO un-usable). Thanks

  • Patrick you mentioned this over the phone to me. Any 'pro' update yet?

    Integration with Control4 would be amazing for both parties. One because C4 integration is already done for most devices so NEEO will can just have a project uploaded and its good to go without any work from the NEEO team required. Two because Control4's remote looks like its come from the 80's film Back to the Future!! 

  • Hi Everybody. We are currently looking at integrating the Neeo with Control4. We are a C4 dealer in Australia with lots of experience. Our inhouse developers feel its possible to achieve quite a lot of functionality, and would be able to achieve quite a bit more with Neeo Dev support. The idea is to have AV Source selection, Music Interface, and Lighting, Blinds etc on the neeo remote for each room. The difficulty would be having Neeo auto config to the Control4 system, meaning it would automatically show all the light loads and AV Sources, so system changes in Control4 show up on the NEEO. It would be great for Neeo to work with our team on this as the Control4 market is huge and growing. Please contact Luke at for ideas and collaboration.

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      • inhomemedia
      • 3 yrs ago
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      George Nikols It has been confirmed to me that the 'Pro' remote and details will be unveiled at this weeks US Cedia Expo. The Pro remote should have full Control4 Integration apparently so I look forward to details being released about this

  • Wow. This is great news.

      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
      • 3 yrs ago
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      George Nikols Do you no what is the difference between NEEO Remote and NEEO Remote Pro? At the moment it seems to me the possibilities from the NEEO SDK are to limited to extended the system to commercial available home automation systems. You even have no possibility at all to set a color in NEEO and forward this to an external system..

  • That would be great news. Will there be an upgrade possibility from the 鈥榬egular鈥 remotes

  • Patrick can you please give us some clarity on weather the existing NEEO product can integrate with control4 in light of the NEEO pro announcement? Will have have to buy this in order to use NEEO with control4?



      • Patrick
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      • Patrick
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jamie Moore & Jochen Bonne The Control4 integration will not come to the consumer version of NEEO which you already own. The main difference between the consumer and pro version is in the software, meaning there will be features which will be exclusive to the pro version. These exclusive features are mainly the ones which are directly aimed at integrators, so for example the Control4 integration or upcoming integrations like Crestron.

      Features which are needed by all users (i.e. color selector) or features which have previously been promised will always be published to all users. NEEO Pro will allow us to grow even faster which will directly result in faster development for the current NEEO as well.

      I can not promise this definitely or provide information about the deal, we are thinking about an upgrade option for existing customers which actually have a need for one of the features which are pro-specific. We'll let you know once we know more.

      Right now I do recommend to get in touch with your dealer/integrator and let him know about the NEEO Pro. Ask them to give us there contact here. This way they can get on the list to be among the first ones to be able to actually provide NEEO Pros.

      • Jan Pete
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      • Jan_Pete
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Pascal Buijs Lol you will find lot of promises not caught up to here....

  • Told my integrator to go and visit the NEEO booth.... asked him to check wherever a sw upgrade can be added (or sold)

    Neeo can always offer a free upgrade for the lead! ;-)

  • Any news on when this is launching?

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      • inhomemedia
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Jamie Moore Nope! Non. Nada. Zilch. Zero!

      Cue tumbleweed and disappointment Im afraid

  • Stuart Barnard said:
    being that they're no longer selling them outside of the control4 network

     They not only sell them anymore, they also stop supporting the system after 24 months the latest. And given the honesty of the comms in this company I don't even believe that they will keep this up! That's why I was assuming that you're only one more of the false accounts, since honestly, what you try to sell me doesn't make any sense! Why try to get a device, which is still beta and will not be developed further more but shut down in 24 months latest??

    And about the shoveling, that was meant for the NEEO guys, if you so hard want to get this device, so be it.

    Never mind and good luck with your hunt