We need a "Help" function...

The brain is using IR as the standard to communicate with every device. IR is a dumpster fire of a communication standard in 2017, but it is everywhere, so we're stuck with it. Sometimes IR commands fail for no reason. Sometimes it gets mixed up. Sometimes the cat knocks things around because that's what cats do. 


We need some way to send commands to devices directly. It's a feature Logitech has had on their harmony remotes forever. Hit a button and the remote asks you some basic troubleshooting questions to see if things are on or not. 


Do you see a picture but not hear sound? Probably the AV receiver isn't on. Do you hear sound and no picture? The TV is off or on the wrong input. 


Heck, even a direct option to control individual devices would be nice. As it is, if something doesn't turn on correctly or goes to the wrong I put, my only option is turn it off and back on. 

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  • I totally agree! ! !  NEEO often thinks devices are on when they are not and you have very limited access to a fix. My old Monster remote says "Everything ok?" - its a huge help.

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