Removing recipe line breaks functions

So if I remove a recipe line to "show controls" for my Apple TV. I lose the ability to control the ATV and sound bar volume. If I add it back. They work.  I don't need it to show controls. I do need the controls to work though.  My directv recipe is  the same way.  Basically the remote becomes useless.  

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  • Yes, I have seen your wish in other threads from you. Somehow NEEO has to know which devices are supposed to be controlled by the hard buttons, this is currently achieved with the step you are trying to remove from your recipe. We can look into this, but that is not going to be a quick change.

      • Matt B
      • Matt_B
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Patrick  What the line item does is populate the screen with buttons that I don't need at startup.  I can really do the functions I want from the hard buttons.  IF I need to go to the soft buttons, I can select the device and swipe to the page I want.  What I end up doing currently is having to push the home button every time I launch a recipe.   But currently my button response is pretty bad. So I'm trying to figure out if I have IR issues (hint, I do my directv remote works in the same location the neeo is at and doesn't).   The reason I don't care initially about the soft buttons at startup is that they have no tactile feedback obviously and with current lag issues, I can't really tell if they are working correctly or not. And of course 90%+ of what I need to control on my directv or Apple TV is available on hard buttons. 

  • Yes Matt. I've also tested this on a few occasions myself and as Patrick pointed out, that 'Show Controls' entry needs to be in your recipe. No other way round this at present. Regardless, I find my Apple TV to be the most stable of all my devices and works perfectly as I expect with Neeo (i.e. can control everything via the hard buttons and not the screen).

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