undefined error

So, after the latest update, or perhaps it has been doing this for a while as I have not made a recipe in a while, whenever  do to create a new recipe, I am getting an "undefined" error. Anyone else see this and what can I do to fix this?


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  • What exactly does the error message say? Could you please post a screenshot?

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  • Can you please tell me your hostname?

    • Michael Kohler hostname? What host are you referring to?

    • Dave Filchak Sorry for not being specific. You can find the hostname of your brain in the NEEO App -> Settings -> About section. It should be something like NEEO-50f76c4c.

  • NEEO-756c74b0

  • I can't find anything major wrong in the logs. I'm seeing a few newly created recipes in the screenshot you posted though. Could you remove all recipes below "Smart Hub", click "Done" in the upper right corner and restart the brain? Does it still happen after that?

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