Battery Percentage Going Up?

Hi NEEO Team, 

I unpacked the remote about two hours ago. When I switched it on, it was at 36% battery. *Without* it being charged at all,  30 minutes ago, the percentage read 39%. A few moments ago it's increased again to 40%.

I have not yet charged the remote, so thought you may want to be aware of this. 



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  • It's now reached 42%. Have you guys developed a new self-charge technology 😉👍 

    • Adam Prettyjohns That also depends on the usage of the remote, the Percentage is currently a little bit up and down, the Neeo team allready take some investigation to this.

      But sadly it has no Power loading when shacking inside ;-)

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  • Adam Prettyjohns We have done a few changes to the battery gauge with the latest release (0.47.9). Do you still see the battery going up? 

  • Patrick  I got my Neeo two days ago. Have the latest firmware installed, and I have seen this happened a few times. it actually jumped from 83% to 100%

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