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My remote unit is having issues connecting to the wifi.  I am using the 2.4ghz.  Does the remote unit have a Mac address? 

Note that I do not mean the brain unit. I am asking about the remote itself.  If there is a Mac address for the remote, how do I find it? 

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  • Actually every device capable of TCP/IP Communication must have a MAC Adress. This also applies to the Remote.

    When the remote is wake up and connected to the WiFi you should be able to see the MAC in your Router. On the Remote itself, you should see this in the Menu (upper right corner) and in the about page. But i don't know for sure if it is visible there. The IP normally is there. If you don't see it there, you can check the Menu with the mobile App, there are a few more Informations available.

    Didn't have a remote in front of me to check.

    Elso Patrick should know best and i'm confident he will reply shortly.

  • I looked at about but don't see any Mac address. We also looked at the router and did not see any new Mac address.  I also checked the mobile app and I can't find it there either. 

    • Karen Greene at the router the remote shows up as mysimpledevice i guess, maybe you overlooked it. it must be there if the remote is active and conected to the wifi. also you can look in the menue to see the ip adress and find the mach with the ip through router or network scanners.

      Hope, that someday NEEO will display the MAC inside the Menues, i was posting this without having an unit in front of me to check. Sorry for that.

      Patrick can you put up an feature request to show the mac Adress in the menu?

    • Karen Greene I you use a network scanner like Fing (iOS or Android) with Fingbox. With a network scanner, you would get the two parts with their MAC Address. My simple device is the remote and something like NEEO-2b258e00 is the brain.

    • Marcel Labelle Karen Greene And if you wired your NEEO Brain then there should be a third one.

      But yes, this should bring up the required Information. But not really nice way to do it. Better would be if NEEO Provide this Info from itself, for the advanced users or anybody who want to assign a static IP through DHCP handling.

    • Since iOS 11, Apple does not allow Apps to access the MAC address information. Network scanners, like Fing, will no longer show the MAC address. If you have a Fingbox, you will be able to to see the MAC address in Fing because the Fingbox captures the MAC address of the devices.

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