For anyone wanting to run Drivers as a service

I've started to play with "Community Drivers". I'm "dangerous" when it comes to linux and programming languages, and by dangerous I mean I can just about cobble things together to just about work.

Having explored the Kodi, Onkyo and Plex drivers, I've found that they need to/I would benefit from having them run at system start, I've seen 'tmux' mentioned, but struggled to get the desired outcome, so went on the search and found "PM2".


This might help others?


Within 4 commands I was up and running.


1. sudo npm install pm2 -g

2. pm2 startup

3. (copy & paste the startup cmd)

4. pm2 start /home/vini/node_modules/neeo-driver-kodi/index.js

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  • This looks ideal for me (simple way of auto-starting drivers after reboot), but didn't work for the driver I'm using (Home Assistant) 😐

  • Beautiful! Works like charm. 

    Now I believe for multiple (more than one kodi) is to install on each one off them. Else I think it's been mentioned elsewhere before.

    Thank you all

  • It turns out that pm2 races the CPU @ 100% but found a solution which works for raspberry PI and doesn't even involve installing extra software!

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