Neeo Android App high battery usage?

Hi All


Since installing the Neeo app on my phone I have noticed that the battery life has really plummeted. I have no uninstalled the app to see if battery life gets any better.


Has anyone else noticed this?

I am on Android 8.0 with a Pixel 2 XL.

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  • We would not have heard anything like that. I am also using this n Android 8.0. I am looking forward to your further feedback on that.

    • Patrick I've uninstalled the app as I have unplugged my neeo anyway so I can't give any more feedback...

  • I have the same experience with my iPhone 6S+, with the latest iOS build. Though I also see this from time to time even using the FB app, so I'm not very concerned to be honest. On the other hand, when I really use the app, I use it for quite some time (like almost an hour or so contantly), to figure out whether my recipe works or to play around with some configuration.... not sure, but I guess this is sucking quite some juice from my mobile of course while heavily using...

    • Martin Rohner my concern is that it was still using power when I wasn't even at home!

      • Martin Rohner
      • The only easy day was yesterday...
      • Martin_Rohner
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Giles Roadnight , I agree, this seems to be quite  strange, and not something I can confirm on my end...