How to make the IR awesome

Hi all

I have had my Neeo for a day now. My initial issue was the IR blaster was not very good particularly when all your gear is in cabinets under the TV.

Thankfully my old remote (Nevo) used IR emitters attached the the front of each device. Using a Axium IR connecting block I was able to connect my Brain to it and now have awesome IR control of all my gear.

List of gear used:

1x Axium EX4 connecting block

1x 3.5mm cable (one end stripped to connect to the EX4

3x IR emitters (have a mixture of Context and Axium)

1x 3.5mm mono to mono cable to connect to the IR port of my Integra AVR

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    Hi  Daniel Lorello

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I'll be sure to direct folks to this thread who are looking to add other IR extenders.