Cloud backup or SD storage of your NEEO Recipes / Settings?!

I think this is an important topic to bring to light as we get deeper into NEEO usage and reliance:

So many of us have spent quite a bit of time coming up with the best recipes for their entertainment setups. All of this precious information (recipes) is stored in the NEEO app.

If a phone got stolen, lost, damaged -- I think I would have to start back at scratch with setting up my NEEO App / linking it to the BRAIN / re-adding all my devices, right?

Can NEEO come up with some cloud storage or allow us to export some kind of file to our SD storage (for Android users) or DropBox integration? 

I just don't want to do all of this setup work again, especially for some of my recipes and rooms which are long!

Or export out to one's NEEO account and then after signing it, one can just "restore" all settings?

cc Patrick

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  • Is the info actually stored inside the app, or is it stored in a data file on the phone that the app reads? If it's the latter, we should be able to copy the file off the phone as backup. 

  • All settings are stored on the NEEO Brain, therefore it doesn't matter when your mobile device would be lost. For that reason, all settings are synced too when you are using multiple devices.

    In the settings of the NEEO App you can already see a cloud backup function. This is not yet finished, currently, backups are always created when you change something on NEEO. We will soon change this so that you can manually save and rename backups.

      • Patrick B.
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      • Patrick_B
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Patrick Any news on this one?

      I have two brains locate in different rooms. It would be great to make the config only once and restore the other with backup file to have all sync. More better would be if one brain would be like master and the other would be slave in config sense. Are there any plans? Or even possibilities to keep configs synced inbetween brains?


      Thanks in advance.

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