Driver for Google Cast media controls

As seen on GitHub:

This driver enables NEEO to control the media that is currently playing on the cast device (Chromecast). It is not a complete integration with the Chromecast ecosystem, as it does not let you start casting media, you'll only be able to control what's already playing.


  • Device discovery
  • Media controls (play, pause, etc)
  • Media info (artist, track title, album art)

Available controls:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Toggle play/pause (OK button)
  • Stop (doubles as power off)
  • Next track
  • Previous track
  • Skip forward (30 seconds)
  • Skip backward (30 seconds)
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  • Hi, 

    I am new to custom drivers, but realy would like this feature as i normaly use cast on the tv. Is there anyone who can either explain what i need to install this, or point me to a previus post on installing this (or similar). 




  • Quint Stoffers  Thanks for making this! I have two Questions:

    1. The artist / track / image info seems to update sporadically - anything that can be done about that?
    2. Once installed on a brain does the node server need to stay running? or does it all then run from the brain completely? 

    • Adam Vine I don't think I implemented a way to update NEEO's state. I don't personally use the sensors and because of the lackluster support from NEEO and their abysmal handling of current NEEO owners I don't think I'll be adding that personally.

      The node server needs to run, the NEEO doesn't actually run any of the software. It just talks to the server when it needs it to do something.

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  • Thanks Quint Stoffers

    I know Neeo have kinda stuffed us all.. but as yet I haven't found a nicer looking solution.. and at least for the time being these plugins are helping to bridge some of the gaps... unless you have found a better solution?

    I have 3 further questions:

    1. I have 2 brains in my house is it possible to have two instances of this plugin running on the node server that each talk to a different brain?

    2. I am finding that the plugin is crashing quite a lot.. do you find that as well?

    3. If I wanted to implement a way to update the state.. could you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you!

    • Adam Vine Hello Adam, I am part of the few people still active in developing drivers, for now, only for me as I don't think there is a big community still interested. To answer your 3rd question, what you are looking for is registerSubscriptionFunction. You can see in the neeo example how to use. Basically, when you have an event in the driver, you can call the registered function (often called sendComponentUpdate in Neeo example and then you can change the value of a text label or the position of a slider for example.

      For your first question, you can perfectly have 2 instances. There may be a more elegant solution but what I did is to have directly the IP adress of the target brain in the driver (and then configured my DHCP to have the brains address not changing).

      I already did a few drivers for all the needs in my house, now I am looking into Volumio, a high quality music player, to integrate with Neeo, and then I plan to use it to directly play to my chromecast through Volumio (found the right material on Github).

      • Adam Vine
      • Adam_Vine
      • 3 yrs ago
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      JeanArnaud Thanks for the info - sounds great - please keep me in the loop re: Volumio

  • To give a bit more updated info, thanks to the virus I had a bit more time this week-end staying at home and finalised the driver. The Vollumio allows me to have all the info about artist and albums available on the remote and sending either to my amplifier or to my different chromecasts. 

  • Hi JeanArnaud - I know it has been a while... but any chance you could share step by step how you got that configuration working (Vollumio + Chromecast + on Neeo controls and selection)

    • HelloAdam Vine, have you tried my github:

      I strongly encourage you to visit and register to the telegram group mentioned. 

    • Adam Vine The 2 important repositories are: drivers in brain allowing you to use the brain to directly host drivers inside the brain. That's where you can also find the telegram group. The second is the meta. The meta driver is a project I started allowing you to create complexe drivers just by creating a configuration files. I have been working on it since quite a few months an  it is reasonably powerful now. 

    • Adam Vine for example:

    • Adam Vine so to answer your question, just connect to the telegram and I'll explain you how to create your own improvement to the meta driver to support chromecast. 

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