Favourite channel icons replaced with music icon

A couple of days before the update my second page of favourites changed to music 🎵 and i was hoping for the update to fix this.

i installed the update and now the first page of favourites has the music icon and my second page is back to normal.

i have done a search on this forum for a fix but I can’t find one, I think is forum could do with a little bit of reorganisation.

any help on this would be appreciated thanks 

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  • As I couldn’t find a answer or a solution on this forum just to let anybody else know that’s experiencing the same problem, I have done a full delete of the brain and and started to reinstall .

     I will update this thread when all installed and if this solution as fixed the problem.

  • Hi Neil. I don't have a solution, but I've seen this too. At various times the channel icons have been stars, music icons, or no icons at all and the text is an odd font. 

    Restarting or else Updating the Remote seems to resolve it for me. Or try making a change to the Favourites and saving (e.g. add a random channel, and you can remove it later).

  • I have the music icons for channels that do not have default icons. Do you know of a way to submit the missing icons to neeo?

  • I did have the very same problem as well.
    It happened after I did shut down the Neeo Brain and the Neeo Remote to same unnecessary mains power during some days out of home. After power up again, it took some longer time to start up the Neeo Brain & Remote and for the next day the TV Channel Favorites Icons disappeared.
    After about 24h suddenly they all went back and do show up until then.
    Don't know what happened.


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