NEEO IR control of Motorola DVR DCX3510-M is terrible

Yes - it's a "stupid" device Raphael. But how does NEEO control it? IR? Because controlling via my cable companies iPhone app is PERFECT. 

NEEO is so hit and miss. It's horrible. Please look at your control of these devices - it's connected via WiFi - can't that be used? Because IR is TERRIBLE (I have the IR blaster directly in front of the DVR). Contacted support already - been there, done that. 

NEEO was meant to be better than Harmony. It's not. Plain and simple. I'm running both at the same time (TV, DVR, AVR, Apple TV, ROKU, Phillips HUE, QNAP) - sorry, but NEEO isn't better than Harmony. In day to day use, it's got less features and is less reliable.

Plus - how do you individually power on/off (or use other buttons) external to a recipe? You can't. And when a recipe misses a device, there's no way to power on a single component of the recipe.

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