Backer event and ISE

We attended the ISE show in Amsterdam and as usual we were very busy. This time we brought mostly engineers to the show because I really want to share that experience with everyone within the team. It’s so different to witness live how people react to NEEO compared to just hearing it from someone else.

The guys did a very solid job and I heard from a couple of visitors that they loved talking to engineers because it’s so much more authentic than talking to some sales guys. We will definitively continue to have engineers on the front. I believe in the real stuff, that’s why I’m writing this blog myself and not leaving it up to some marketing dudes :-)

At ISE we showed a different setup compared to previous shows. We brought more than usual AV sources with us - such as the latest XBOX. For that reason the TV was short of HDMI inputs. We thought that’s the perfect use case to show implementation of an HDMI matrix switcher. Many thanks to the crew at HD Anywhere for the matrix you provided us! 

ISE is a trade show for professionals so one thing we showed in particular was the integration with other home automation systems. Hundreds of visitors were amazed to learn that they can actually use NEEO in traditional systems like Control4, Crestron etc. On day one we will have sample integrations available for the installers of those systems.

Many of those dealers also figured they will actually be fine doing all their automation purely on NEEO. There was not one single use case the guys came up with that could not be covered with NEEO. Also some of the largest Z-Wave dealers who mess with demo systems right now plan to use NEEO as their primary controller in their upcoming projects. Of course I love to hear that!

Thursday Evening we have held the 'BEER with NEEO’ event for backers exclusively. Ohhh man this was a great evening - with one very special moment. Thanks everyone for coming over. We made sure every backer got a pass for free beers and we started the evening off very casually with some food and great discussions. Jeremias did a great job moderating through the evening. After the first couple of beers it was time for the competition. We had prepared some cards with questions to test your NEEO knowledge and we had some exclusive prizes for the top five winners ready. 3rd to 5th place received a hand made NEEO brain trophy. 2nd place was my NEEO skateboard signed by the team. I initially wanted this skateboard to ride in the office from my desk to the printer but thought it’s also a cool prize for a backer so I let it go. The first prize was a brand new 55” Samsung 4K TV. Brand new is actually not completely true: It was the actual TV we used at our trade show booth. Congrats to the winners!

Of course we had a present for every backer. We had some special edition backer t-shirts. Also we brought some NEEO chocolate for everyone from Switzerland (the good stuff). 

The very special moment was planned as a surprise just after the prize ceremony. I held a short speech explaining how important you people  -who believe in us- are, especially during troublesome days. I then mentioned that there is one amazing guy among the kickstarter community whom I wanted to thank especially this evening. Niels de Klerk who is the most active person in the commenting section. Well, we had a little surprise ready for him. In a black box. There was a NEEO logo on that box. And in there was the first NEEO combo ever delivery to a backer! Uuuuhhaaaaa! I waited very long for that moment and man this was special. Niels you deserve it and you are an amazing beta tester too. Thanks so much for being part of this!

Speaking about beta testing: JOIN THE BETA GROUP

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  • Did support ever happen for control4 as stated above?

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  • Hey guys, what’s the score with crestron integration, is this possible? 

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