Patch for NEEO brian for root access

After the takeover of NEEO by Control4, it was long uncertain what a customer could do with the purchased device in the long term. As long as you don't have root access to the device, it is unusable as soon as Control4 turns off the cloud access for the device.
Now there is finally a solution that at least enables hobbyists to continue using the device in the long term and it also enables NEEO modules that were not created by NEEO themselves to be run directly on the NEEO Brian in the long term.
Root access to the NEEO brian is required for this, which can be obtained with the Dustbuilder for NEEO Brian tool by installing a modified firmware on the NEEO brian.

Good luck to everyone who wants to modify their NEEO Brian.

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  • Just for information. The firmware is only available for a week before it gets removed. In case you need to recover the system after poking around a bit (like I did), you might want to download the firmware and put it away somewhere so you can download it again to the brain.

    You can use the buttons on the recovery IF you change the path to the server it points to. To do that, use a browser that can change the content, like Firefox. Use inspector form Firefox develops options, and change the path in the hidden form tag "<input type="hidden" id="NEEO_SERVER_ADDRESS" name="NEEO_SERVER_ADDRESS" value="https://path-to-your-server" />" to your own server where you placed the image file. Then just use the buttons to download and install it.

  • I’m a bit late to the party, but I would like download this. Anyone who can share it with me? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I successfully patched the firmware of the brain as described and have Ssh access to the brain. 

    I would like to backup and restore my Neeo setup without the need of Neeo servers. In the past, setup recovery from the Cloud always failed. I had to re-create all from scratch (adding devices, rules, and setting up pages). Any advice on how to backup everything locally?

    • Yann FREMONT On a normal Linux installation you can use dd to make an image of the file system, not sure if it's possible here.