Cant connect brain to wifi

Can’t connect brain to wifi,I moved the remote to a new house,reseted everything and now im stuck with the brain connection ..what to do ?

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  • Did you fix this? If not, the first thing you do is to delete the old settings in your router and reboot it for the BRAIN to get a new IP address because they meant to be automatic!

  • Actually no I didnt,can you help me out with minor instructions,how would i reset it,for example the remote is still trying to find the old wifi,while im on the first steps on the phone app to configure the brain,I get stuck on it telling me that it cant find the wifi that my phone is connected too 

    • Dima Alexandru I forgot to tell you that in your router web interface find and delete the previously acquired IP addresses ( you will find three of them 2 for the BRAIN and 1 for the REMOTE) then reboot the router and pull out/in the power cord out of the BRAIN and wait till it gets a solid white light then hard reset the remote to get the new settings.

      Note : Your ISP may be providing dynamic IPs and they may have changed. So it's in the router you look first!

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