Hue lights status not showing correctly

Since the last update my hue lights are not showing their status correctly. In some cases I have to immediatly toggle to get it to function correctly. As an example would be the light is on but neeo shows it off. So I have to hit the toggle and switch it on but neeo will revert to off status again and leave the light on. Unless I hit the toggle quick before it reverts to incorrect old status. 


Seems that every time I do an update I have to re-sync devices and set up everything again. Supper annoying. I haven't done that yet in this case. As I wanted to report it first and see what would like to be done. Re-learning devices at every update is not an acceptable answer. 

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  • Hi,  Matt B. Thank you very much for your feedback which helps our developers a lot. Actually, this has already been reported and is a known issue. We are already working on a fix for that. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Thanks. Ingrid When are we going to get the ability to activate scenes from Hue?

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  • Is there a concise list of known issues. The thread at the top of the page is incomplete. Also when can we expect fixes and updates?  More frequent bug fixes should be pushed as soon as they’re done instead of rolling tons of changes at once. Doesn’t feel like the effort is really being put in behind the scenes here. How long have people waited and how long has this hardware been in the hands of users now?  4 years? someone needs to step up the progress and support/development or you’re going to lose customers and have compeptition that will make you obsolete.  

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