cannot communicate with brain - now I even can't connect the app anymore... :-(

the remote could not communicate with the brain over the last couple of days. However, I could connect with the app. Now I found a potential solutions (see but after (again) rebooting the brain, I even can't connect with the app. The app does not find the brain anymore. The smartphone is in the same WiFi, I've even rebooted my router. Please help...

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  • Daniel Koch Is your brain fully booted? does it show a white steady light?

    If so, did you choose to search for a brain via the app? If you have a steady white light, can you press on top of the brain for longer then a second until the led blinks, and does you are able to find the brain again after all these actions?

    if not, what was the last think you done before you where not able to connect? did you try to update the brain or remove or add specific devices?

    Can you see your brain obtain an ip adress via your Router / Network scan? Is it connected via LAN or Wifi? If only Wifi can you try LAN?

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    • Markus Mahr well it is fully booted, it shows the steady white light. I did choose to search the brain in my smartphone app. 

      I did now press the top of the brain, it now blinks, but does not go back to the steady white light again. 

      I did not try to update the brain - it just was showing 'cannot connect to brain' one evening when I came home :-( 

      I did not add or remove any devices, did not change/add/remove any recipes, I did not do anything (I know, that's what everyone is saying ;-) )

      The brain is connected via wifi, I'll try it with a rj45 network cable directly to the router

      Thanks a lot for your input!

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  • ok I have connected my brain - no, Neeo's brain ;-) with the router with a cable, and I can connect with my smartphone app again. 

    The remote is still showing 'cannot connect to brain'. 

    What would the next steps be for troubleshooting? Is the remote broken?


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    • Daniel Koch Ok, then go to the manu and redoo the wifi setup, it seems that the Brain (your's or the NEEO ;-) ) lost the wifi credentials. After redo power off the remote by pressing and holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds. then release it and press menu and power together, this will bring up the ftue screen on the remote, follow the instructions that are mentioned this will repair your remote with the brain and afterwards check if all is working again without the lan cable. If so, everything is fine again.

      Anyway, i will pull in Jeff and Ingrid to be aware of this. Would you replay with the hostname of your NEEO (can be found in the about section of the abb or the remote) so they can check if they can find the root cause in the logfiles? this can help to improve the Firmware.

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  • Markus Mahr hostname is NEEO-e495c37a thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it! The way to fix was somewhat complicated, but finally it works. One of the difficulties is if you work around the broken neeo you use the HUE app, the amplifier remote, the TV remote, etc. and switch on/off things and once NEEO is working again you have to find out how to toggle each device in its standard state... 

    Please let me know if I can prevent such problems in the future, as I really love NEEO (but it's somewhat annyoing when it does not work). Super friendly and competent help here :-) 

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    • Daniel Koch There will coem more stability with each of the available Software Updates, the next one is (sadly again) long overdue. But i know that the Team is trying to fix as most issues as fast as possible. And for the small amount of people that are actually coding the firmware, i'm overall impressed every time a new software is published what they have put in and what is done for fixing issues.

      Also the fact, that the Team can't work day and night, it is allways good to have a good communitiy that helps out each other, so thats why i spy here several times (when i have the ability to do) a day. Providing help and Troubleshooting Tips is allways nice, when it comes to a good end and everything can be fixed in a small amount of time.

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  • I absolutely agree, the community is superb (you are) and I really appreciate what this small team is doing - remember, it was born in Solothurn Switzerland, which was not known so far for being the high tech hot spot of the universe so far ;-) 

    Thanks again for your help, my NEEO is working now as it should 

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