All my gaps with Neeo have been solved. I gave up.

I installed my Harmony Elite and everything worked again.

I'm tired of waiting for a definitive solution for Google Home.

I also tired of rebooting the entire system so that the icons appear again.

I also forget to send a command and it did not work and had to repeat the command several times.

Harmony Elite installed again and everyone at home is happy.

I'm tired of hearing my wife complain that the system does not work.

I'm sorry, but for me #Neeo was a disappointment.

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  • André Zanella I can completely understand you, because in my situation the neeo would be lying arround without any use if I would not use an additional harmony hub. 

    I appreciate the design of the NEEO very much so I decided for me to redirect all commands send from the NEEO to the Logitech Hub via an homeautomation system and let the Logitech Hub do the job instead of the brian. I have at least as a workaround a beautiful designed remote with NEEO and a Hub that is able to learn IR commands and can controll modern devices via bluetooth. Because I need for this scenario a home automation system I can also controll the devices via voice control with Siri, Google and Alexa. Maybe that could be a possibility for you to use the NEEO only for input but the job is done by a logitech hub, before you have an expensive designed device lying around uselessly at home. As an alternative you can of course sell the NEEO. Maybe this fulfills the purpose of another user with matching devices, which also does not require voice control.

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  • Fonzo

    Thank you for the words.
    The voice command is only one point among several.
    Really the desning of Neeo is very interesting and that was the reason for my purchase. As we speak here in Brazil, it is beautiful but it is ordinary.
    Many Gaps, commands that work when they want, icons that disappear, etc.
    I never had any problems with my Harmony and that was the reason for my return to the "old" system.
    It is a sadness but it has become an underutilized system in my house.

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  • Oh exactly the same situation at my home - returned to Harmony Elite - well did never get away from it, so it is not really a return...

    For me there are other reasons though:

    - no access to device-specific commands - now this showed to be the biggest gap for me - things may generally work, but then I need to get into AV receiver menu or a popup with firmware update appears on my TV and I can't do anything about it using NEEO

    - no physical button for INFO - I can't sweep through channels and their info the way I like, without looking at the remote to point at the screen for INFO button

    - no buttons backlight - I did not think this would be annoying, but yes, it is! the buttons are not touch-intuitive enough to not look at them and looking at night does not help

    - not enough favorite channels - can't scroll down there - and no, adding another screen is not a solution to sweep through it most of the time to get elsewhere.

    I am going to put my neeo on ebay, I am just thinking how should I describe it so buyer will not claim money back and return a device which does not function properly most of the time.

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