All my gaps with Neeo have been solved. I gave up.

I installed my Harmony Elite and everything worked again.

I'm tired of waiting for a definitive solution for Google Home.

I also tired of rebooting the entire system so that the icons appear again.

I also forget to send a command and it did not work and had to repeat the command several times.

Harmony Elite installed again and everyone at home is happy.

I'm tired of hearing my wife complain that the system does not work.

I'm sorry, but for me #Neeo was a disappointment.

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  • André Zanella I can completely understand you, because in my situation the neeo would be lying arround without any use if I would not use an additional harmony hub. 

    I appreciate the design of the NEEO very much so I decided for me to redirect all commands send from the NEEO to the Logitech Hub via an homeautomation system and let the Logitech Hub do the job instead of the brian. I have at least as a workaround a beautiful designed remote with NEEO and a Hub that is able to learn IR commands and can controll modern devices via bluetooth. Because I need for this scenario a home automation system I can also controll the devices via voice control with Siri, Google and Alexa. Maybe that could be a possibility for you to use the NEEO only for input but the job is done by a logitech hub, before you have an expensive designed device lying around uselessly at home. As an alternative you can of course sell the NEEO. Maybe this fulfills the purpose of another user with matching devices, which also does not require voice control.

  • Fonzo

    Thank you for the words.
    The voice command is only one point among several.
    Really the desning of Neeo is very interesting and that was the reason for my purchase. As we speak here in Brazil, it is beautiful but it is ordinary.
    Many Gaps, commands that work when they want, icons that disappear, etc.
    I never had any problems with my Harmony and that was the reason for my return to the "old" system.
    It is a sadness but it has become an underutilized system in my house.

  • Oh exactly the same situation at my home - returned to Harmony Elite - well did never get away from it, so it is not really a return...

    For me there are other reasons though:

    - no access to device-specific commands - now this showed to be the biggest gap for me - things may generally work, but then I need to get into AV receiver menu or a popup with firmware update appears on my TV and I can't do anything about it using NEEO

    - no physical button for INFO - I can't sweep through channels and their info the way I like, without looking at the remote to point at the screen for INFO button

    - no buttons backlight - I did not think this would be annoying, but yes, it is! the buttons are not touch-intuitive enough to not look at them and looking at night does not help

    - not enough favorite channels - can't scroll down there - and no, adding another screen is not a solution to sweep through it most of the time to get elsewhere.

    I am going to put my neeo on ebay, I am just thinking how should I describe it so buyer will not claim money back and return a device which does not function properly most of the time.

  • I have my NEOO for an hour or 12 now, I purchased it because of Harmony disabling its API.  I have a couple of issues:

    - No option to 'repair' recipes, eg. a TV that somehow didn't catch an IR signal. can't fix this with the remote if my devices are not 'dumb'. This is fine in harmony. Now I have to manually go to the device and press the correct button, my devices are in closed cabinets and not all easily accessible.

    - Z-Wave implementation is buggy. Now Harmony does not have this at all, so I use HA-Bridge as a workaround. Unfortunately NEEO can't find HA-Bridge. I can't use Z-Wave on NEEO either as it says I have Z-Wave devices I can't remove.

    - No IR learning. Can't add some funky devices I have. This is bad. You should enable this ASAP so we can help others (NEEO can add the codes to the IRDB learned from your users)

    - The lack of ability to alter lights in eg. a 'watch tv' recipe is a disaster. I should not have to start a new recipe for this just to dim a light.

    - NEEO's power cable's are stupid. Why put a DC-plug on a USB cable? If you want to use USB chargers, then the NEEO devices should just have a Micro USB plug for power. I can't replace these cable's with something at the nearest shop.

    - NEEO's Ethernet cable requirement for setup is 'odd' (not bad perse). No other device that I know does this. They generally work by connecting to it's own SSID to do initial configuration. I'd like to see an option to disable WiFi on the Brain  as well, to go 'wired-only'. In my home the setup worked perfectly, but I know of neighbors around here that have multiple routers (eg. an upstairs router and downstairs) , so NAT-on-NAT, because they don't know the difference between an access-point and a router. But it doesn't matter either for WhatsApp or getting phone on your mail. But it does make this setup fail.

    - The 'select room' requirement is stupid. I only have one room, I have only one room enabled, I should not have to make a choice when there is only one option.. This is effectively the same as 'Press any key to continue' everytime I want to do something with NEEO. Very annoying.

    - The ability to have multiple recipes active is weird/counterintuitive. I can start both my TV and Playstation at the same time. While these recipes both use the same receiver and same TV. Everything gets borked. Harmony's 'Activity' idea is much better suited for my actual use. for example, when I am playing Playstation and I click 'tv', I can watch TV. If I go back to Playstation now nothing works (as I am watching TV, so the receiver's input is set to TV).

    Now if i turn off 'Playstation' recipe it turns off my receiver and my TV. So now that recipe is broken too.

    I especially do not see the reasoning between the 'rooms' idea and multiple recipies active per room. Why would watch both TV and listen to music at the same time? or watch TV and play on a playstation. It doesn't make sense in the same room.

    So that are the con's. The Pro's:

    - The NEEO is much better looking

    - The All-WiFi approach is great. Better than Harmony's Bluetooth.

    - The NEEO Remote is much faster/more responsive than Harmony

    - NEEO's Sonos/Spotify implementation is excellent. Harmony really dropped the ball there.


    However, the most important thing is the WAF. And the NEEO fails there. It's too complicated in use. Especially the required room choice and the multiple active recipies is a no-go. My kids don't understand it either, and I can't really blame them. It's really counter intuitive, especially coming from Harmony.

    With Harmony having come to their senses regarding the API, unfortunately I am going back to Harmony. Again, i really like the design of the product, and it has some very good features .But the basic functionality of the remote is just plain odd. And that is the most important bit.

    • Tozz Thanks, you put my thoughts into words exactly.

  • I may repeat the suggestion I made after buying it: NEEO, open source the software and sell hardware only. The community will make it an excellent product!

      • Tozz
      • Tozz.1
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Pawel Pieczul Yes! That would be great. I've made a post that I didn't submit explaining this in some more detail. In short I believe NEEO can never be a great product without opensourcing it's software. NEEO does more than eg. Harmony (for example, Sonos integration, Z-Wave, etc) and all these software for different devices take up valuable developer resources. Developer resources are always limited. In the meantime there is a world of devices out there that could be controlled by NEEO but will probably never see support due to lack of developer resources. Opensource the software, and everyone can develop support for their own hardware and then others can benefit as well.

    • Pawel Pieczul totally agree! You are not making progress with your current Developer Power and with that, you are loosing Peoples Trust & Patience in NEEO. The SDK is a good start for it, but all the custom SDK Code can't run on the Brain itself, you always need some other Hardware you run your Custome Device. A open Marktplace for Custom Devices would be great and then everybody could contribute to the Makrplace and everybody can download & install custome Devices to their brain and use it. You should start working (as fast as possible) on this, I guess this would help People (at least for me) still belive in NEEO.

  • Spot on !! And the sad thing is that I feel like Neeo don't care or sometimes care too much as it feel they are jumping from one software support to the other without finishing the development. Like integration with Fibaro HC2 and Neeo for some it works for others like me it does not. Integration with Kodi ? Well be patient ... Those are few exemple but I can see that my Neeo is just useless ... at least you received the money but i didn't received a good product... 

      • Mike G.
      • Michael_G
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Mokrane Hellal You mean examples like:

      1) Wasting dev time to make sure colored light bulbs can be controlled yet the remote crashes multiple times per day

      2) Wasting dev time to make sure fans and blinds can be controlled yet connectivity between the brain and the remote is very inconsistent at best

      Seriously...after more than 6 months with mine, my wife wants to throw it away and I'm done making excuses for poor performance, low reliability and inability to do even basic things with the system that was promised years, repeat, years ago! Really, it's so hard to allow us to really change the slides, to use custom logos, to remove things like the room when the system is only in one room and will always be in one room.😡

      • Mokrane
      • Mokrane_Hellal
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Mike G.  Yes indeed I tried to be nice by putting more "advanced" examples but If we do a list of simple things the one that kill me the most is the one room ... First thing my wife said : why do i have to choose a room when there is only one ... She's not even a developer or an IT person ... That show how bad the dev team think about their product, how QA is deliver and UI team .... that is like a 101 UI/dev thing ... But hey I guess Logitech has to say thank you to Neeo as they will be the first marketing team for them ...

  • Here is an advice to NEEO. It is free of charge.

    1) open up a real searchable defect tracking database to the public, not a blog (I know you will want to say you already have this on this forum - no, you don’t)

    2) advertise it and let people submit bugs and comments and vote for the ones to be fixed first. You may want to offer some incentives for the best testers  

    3) go and fix bugs one by one by priority defined by number of votes

    4) do not do anything else in parallel and avoid temptation to know better than your customers about what is important to them (you seem to have such inclination, it is bad habit)

    5) optimize your release and validation process so you can release daily (ok, weekly)

    It will still give you worse results than open sourcing it, but better than what it is now. Customers may even be happy