Remote restarting many times a day

I know there are a few threads on a similar subject BUT I haven't read anything showing my specific issue so for clarity sake I wanted to start the new thread. 


My remote appears to restart a lot during the day, I say a lot as I had the remote do this issue around 6 or 7 times during a 2 1/2 hour window. The issue I see is as follows:


1) Use the remote as normal, this works perfectly, controls all devices and multiple of them in the macros etc

2) Put the remote down, X number of minutes later pick up the remote and try to use it and the screen is unresponsive but lights up and looks normal, the hard buttons don't work and it will stay like this for a few seconds (10 seconds roughly) then it will restart and work as normal. 

3) I can then put the remote down, it may work if I pick it up again or it may do the same thing again. 

Remote is in the living room with an AP (Rukus R500 AP) and Brain is hardwired in my office with my sources and that has an AP (Rukus R500 AP) and all running off DrayTek 2860. WiFi has been worked on to ensure its as good as it can be, no other devices dropout etc with nearly 700mb/s with -40db signal strength which is as good phone app will allow, this is on most devices in various locations around the entire house. IP is on DHCP with bind IP to MAC assigned on the Brain and Remote (someone said in another thread there are 2 MACs for the brain, I can only find one using Fing)

I will take a video or whatever if people need this. Loving the simplicity of it however this is really frustrating. 

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  • I couldn't upload the video here so got a bit creative, here is the link to the Tweet. Excuse the baby, 2 month olds tend to cry when it's least wanted!

  • Alex Martin Thanks for posting this. The effect you are describing has indeed been reported by a couple of users and our development team looked deeper into it. They found the issue, resolved it and a fix is expected to come with the upcoming firmware. So- soon this should be eliminated for you (and the other users affected). I look forward hearing your feedback once the update is out. Happy Sunday!

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