1 brain, 3 remotes


I am new here and looking to replace 3 harmony hubs in my home. Currently, I am using three harmony remotes with three harmony hubs...

I want to know if it is possible to use three NEEO remotes in three different zones with only one NEEO brain....?

Thanks for support in advance!!



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  • The NEEO brain is also the IR emitter. It comes with an ir extender. the needed brains are depending on how the Ir receivers are placed (in a rack for example) the remote itself doesn’t emit Ir.

    Typically you would require 3 brains for infrared coverage in 3 rooms. It’s possible to connect multiple remotes to one brain though.

    keep an eye on firmware update news. Some time ago multi brain feature is announced. Something that’s especially interesting in a multi room setup.

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