Very disappointed and will be returning my Neeo

I've only had my Neeo a few days, but I'm sad to say I've already decided to return it under the 30 day return offer I bought it on. Here is why.

The good points are that the Neeo feels a quality item and clearly a lot of time has been spent making it all feel upmarket including the packaging. The IR database is very impressive and it has discreet on and off commands for my Samsung TV which my existing universal remote doesn't. It also connected well with my Humax HDR Fox T2 STB and my Sonos system.

However, as with most of these types of product the devil is in the detail of the firmware and that is where it is let down badly IMO. There is much less customisation available for the buttons and screens than I expected. Crucially for me, there is no ability to customise the hard buttons at all, and although you can create a custom shortcut slide for the screen, the screen icons are smallish, fixed style, not very clear and worse they have compulsory text below them. This all makes for a messy and hard to read screen interface, especially as the background is a coloured image with no option to change it to anything else not even plain black. The use of the real estate on the screen overall is very poor with some of the widgets only putting 2 small icon buttons across a row. I'm at the reading glasses stage of life but don't normally have to put them on to use a TV remote. With the Neeo I do. Even the writing on the hard buttons is much fainter than on my other remotes and hard to see in dim conditions. They look like they were designed to be backlit but weren't in the end. I also could not believe that there is no facilty to learn IR codes. No matter how good your IR database that is an absolute must for any universal remote IMO. We have some cheap unbranded chinese LED imitation candles which are not going to be in any database, how can I get those in the system without Learning IR? Although a lot of these problems could be fixed within the firmware the speed of response to users requests is another concern. Most of what I am complaining about seems to have been already requested many times by owners going back up to a year but still haven't been implemented. The final straw was today when the remote lost contact with the brain, and it took 5 attempts and a brain reboot before it would reconnect. 

The Neeo is twice the price of its most obvious competitor so I was expecting a slick, finished product, not a beta which this feels like. 

Sorry, but at the moment it is simply not good enough to justify the high price.

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