Network LAN connector instead of Wifi?

Another newbie question I'm afraid.

Where my Brain is located I have easy access to a wired LAN port. My Wifi has connected fine to it, but I wondered if there is any advantage to leaving it connected to the LAN instead, in terms of reliability. Normally if I have a wired LAN option I would use it over Wifi, but the setup for the Brain didn't offer the option of leaving it on the LAN after the initial setup, it just set up the WIfi and told me to remove the LAN connection.

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  • Geoff T You can also let it plugged in. Only difference is that the brain then using two ip adresses as there is no priority to disable the wifi if the lan is used.

    The wifi setup is neccessary because the brain stores the credentials for the remote, so if the remote gets updated or unable to connect, you need to restow the settings just for the remote, not the setup.

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  • Also, you can't tell  the remote to use the LAN IP of the brain. Which sucks.  So with no wifi on the brain, the remote won't learn any config.  And the remote uses the wifi IP of the brain.  SO leaving it on LAN is mostly useless.  

    • Matt B nit completly correct, but currently the brain preferr wifi for the communication.

      But for firmware downloads and transfer of data, the LAN is used when available which leads to a better (consitend) and faster availability.

      I also hope, that someday there will be both states available and or a user can defin what is needed. But i also never tested what happens if you put the brain outside of the WiFi and plug it to LAN. Will the Remote work? Interesting Question.

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      Markus Mahr If you remove wifi from the brain and have it LAN connected only, the brain has no wifi config to send to the remote. And the remote won't load a config with no wifi settings. 

      Faster and more reliable communication of remote to brain would be if the brain could be hard wired in some cases with poor wifi coverage. Since the Brain and remote have to use the same SSID, it might not be feasible if someone wants a wifi network with different SSID's for coverage/roaming reasons and you have a brain in a remote closet/hub. And a remote elsewhere in the house. 

        It would remove some latency from the equation for users that have that option of LAN connection. 

    • Matt B Thanks a known fact, but i thought about removing the Brain from the Wifi Access (via blocking or denying the access to use Wifi. If the Remote and the Brain then still able to work correctly?

      I know as soon as you remove the WiFi setup from the Brain, the remote refuses to work correctly.

      I know that you need to setup the Brain in the WiFi you like to operate the Remote, so the remote can get the credentials from the Brain, the Transfer is done via 6lowpan and shortly after the binding. Also after each wake up the remote checks if it is still on the same config then the brain, if not it reloads the settings.

  • That's seems dumb, why would you make the remote re-validate config from wakeup?  Nothing should/would change with out a "re-setup". 

    That's probably why the remote has terrible communications issues when waking up and it's always beeping and throwing errors etc.  One of my brains to remote is not close to each other.  Relying heavily on wifi. 


    If you look in the remote settings/about, it only knows about the WiFi IP of the brain.  I'd guess I knows nothing of the LAN connection. 

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