Button Renaming

Allow us to rename buttons on our shortcut list. 

Case: I'm trying to make my PS4 as intuitive as possible for video/streaming as many of my guests do not know what the default PS4 buttons do.  Being able to rename them "Play/Pause", "Exit", or "Guide" would help a lot.

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  • Jeremy Dawson There is allready an open voting for customization available.

    Ingrid can you quickly point hin, i was unable to locate the correct topic. and this voting can then be closed and moved to archiv i guess.

    • Markus Mahr Thanks! Sorry I tried doing some searching first but this feature could be described in so many ways I didn't find it.

  • Hi,  Jeremy Dawson Thank you very much for posting this. As Markus Mahr has already mentioned, there is already voting about Renaming Shortcuts here. See also what Michael posted there. You can definitely look forward to it! 😉 Also, have a look at this voting, about hard button customization. I'll move this thread to the Archive. Thanks. 

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