It was suggested that I create a separate post for each of the devices my NEEO won't control: YAMAHA HTR-5550 A/V (not on the devices list so it can't be added)

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  • Anthony Roper  I have made a new thread from your post. This allows us to properly keep track and make sure we are not missing anything. 

    I have assigned the task to our device driver team, they will let you know once the device has been added.

    • Patrick Thanks Patrick, I will wait for their cue

  • I noticed this device Is now on the devices list. I added it to the recipe but it does not repond to any commands. 

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Anthony Roper 

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Can you send me a screenshot of your recipe steps?


  • Hi Andy. I attached 2  screen shots (1 showing both my Yamaha HTR-5550 (which does not respond to any commands), and a generic Yamaha "Audio 2" device which I added as an experiment but works (manual power on and off plus volume commands - No audio mute). The generic device gets the "Stupid device" tag.

  • Anthony Roper Thanks for the additional feedback, I am sure the information that the generic device actually controls your device partly will help Andy to get the issue resolved.

    While adding the Yamaha HTR-5550, did you try sending some commands from the test screen, no reaction?

    I think it would help if you could post further screenshots from the actual steps in the recipes, just to make sure you have added the right steps. So for example from your AppleTV recipe, we would very much like to see the steps from the "When Launched..." part. In there you would actually have to add the steps to turn your Yamaha HTR-5550 on and select the right inputs on that one.

    What you can also try is to add the Yamaha HTR-5550 again, remove the generic device, and then choose "reset wiring" in the device section within the settings in the NEEO App for each device. When you then go back to the home screen in the NEEO App and choose the recipes with a red exclamation mark, you will be taken through the wiring again and the correct recipes should be created for you.

    • Patrick Hey Patrick;

      Even though I have set ups for two rooms (livingroom and bedroom), the screenshots included here are for the livingroom setup only. None of the devices in the bedroom responds to any commands. The screenshots you will see were taken prior to me adding the HTR-5550 back again and following the rest of your instructions.

  • Anthony Roper Could you post some pictures of your setup? It seems strange to us that almost not devices are working for you. We therefore think it could be related to the position of your NEEO Brain. if you post some pictures, we will surely be able to help. 

  • Hi Patrick,

    I also attached this photo in response to the previous question

  • Your recipes look OK, the only step that may be missing is the power on step for the Yamaha.

    Thanks a lot for the picture with your setup, that is a difficult one. With the current position of the NEEO Brain, I don't really think it stands a chance to emit any IR signals in a way so the device can receive them, there is no direct line of sight to any of the devices. Yes, the NEEO Brain does emit on the bottom too, but IR signals cannot go through walls or wood.

    You could try position it next to your Apple TV, but I think even there, and even when using the additional emitter that came in your package it will be difficult to reach all devices.

    Just to make sure that this is actually the problem, do you have a table in front of that setup? Could you position your NEEO Brain there and test if that works? Once we know the problem, we can then start looking for a better position for the NEEO Brain and Emitter.

    Also this my answer over here.

  • Hey Patrick,

    Thanks again for your patience and advice. In reviewing prior posts, there seems to be the perception that almost no devices are responding. That is not the case. Most of my devices actually respond to commands. A prior mention of non-working devices in my bedroom recipes may have caused the confusion. So, back to the Livingroom setup. I took you up on your suggestion to remove the generic audio device after adding the HTR-5550, then re-wire. After that, I added "power off" steps for all recipes. Since this worked, I realized the positioning of the NEEO Brain only had a minor impact (small room, so IR signals probably bounce off opposite wall). Just FYI, the Samsung 4K Television never had any problems with commands. I re-positioned the NEEO Brain to sit directly in front of all devices and plugged in the Emitter for optimization.  YAMAHA HTR-5550 issue RESOLVED!

  • Anthony Roper Sorry, I really seem to have mixed this issue with the one in your bedroom.

    We are really glad to hear that you have managed to find a setup which allows control of all your devices. You are totally correct, in a small rooms or cabinets, the IR signals can get reflected.

    I know you have a few more issue in other threads, I am sure we can get these worked out too. Don't hesitate to ask if you need more help.

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