Playstation 3 (PS3) and Playstation 4 (PS4) support with NEEO

The PS3 and PS4 devices are supported by NEEO in the app, and I can configure the remote/brain to switch the TV and AVR inputs to switch between the two properly, BUT the NEEO does not actually power the PS3/PS4 on. 

Is this normal or am I missing something?


I also don't see the ability to navigate the PS3/PS4 menus with the NEEO remote.

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  • Did you figure this out? 

    • Jerry I haven't -- but I just searched "Playstation" in the forms...and found this:

      Short answer -- no, NEEO can't control Playstation 🙄


      In the actuall Firmware there is no Connection from Bluetooth to any Unit Possible, this feature will be implemented later in an newer Version. Currently the only Supported ways are IR-Communication and TCP/IP Communication (via the SDK). That means, at this state, the NEEO is not capable to Control the PS3 (or FireTV or Nvidia Shield, or any other Bleuthooth unit).

      So you are not Overlooking something!

      As Patrick and Raphael allready sayed, that feature and the HDMI-CEC control will come with a later Firmware to the NEEO Brain.

      • Patrick
      • Patrick
      • 5 yrs ago
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      ClearHeatVision Your summary is pretty much correct we have added these devices as "dummy devices" based on user request so that they can still have recipes and other things for these devices.

      We are working as hard as we can to get Bluetooth and CEC ready for you as quickly as possible. At the moment I can not yet give you a timeline though.

  • Patrick Any news on this? When can we expect PS3 support with Bluetooth?

    • James C. Summers Forget Bluetooth. If the PS3 can be controlled with HDMI like the PS4 - that is way better! I just tried PS4 HDMI control with NEEO and it is fantastic.

    • ClearHeatVision PS 3 normal didn't have HDMI-CEC build in. Only the slim and super slim are capable of these control. Therefor for PS 3 original Bluetooth is the only way to go!

    • ClearHeatVision I have a PS3 slim, which should support HDMI CEC according to Markus Mahr . How do I set this up? Is there a manual available?

    • James C. Summers the device is not yet available in the database. As soon as it is available, you do the same as with the ps4!

    • Markus Mahr Thanks. I hope it will not take too long time. 🙂

  • Why does it still don‘t work?