hi there

i'm planning to build a HTPC. As far i know, no matter if its plex or kodi it still needs an OS like LINUX or Windows10 to operate.


What options do i have to boot up lets say a W10 device by using the NEEO. is this even possible? How about the LogIn-Screen?

Would it be possible to use normal windows-user-accounts to login by password?


hope someone here has allready tried something like this...   ^^'




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  • There are different options to get that going. Simplest would probably be by having it in standby, and then waking it either with the user written Wake on Lan plugin using our SDK, or you add an IR receiver and wake it up with an IR command.

    I have one setup at home where I wired a z-wave switch to the actual button of the PC, that works very good. But this needs some DIY skills.

    As for the login screen, you probably have to disable that one.

  • For what did you plan to use your HTPC? When it is just for KODI or PLEX, i think this is a little overdone. THerefor such devices like Vero 4k or others are the better solution, They are build to start fast and boot diractly to Kodi or Plex. Also Kodi with addons support a lot of streamimg services.

    If you Plan to use this HTPC for other thinks like surfing or as Server to hold your Movies and Pictures, then you need to install one of the many Systems that Provide such features.

    For me the decision was made a few years ago, and i clearly switched to a NAS and a Raspi, the Raspi was set disabled after FireTV arrival and was Replaced by a sideloaded KODI to it. That is my main Setup until now!

  • I use a intel NUC. These PC's are excellent HTPC material. They include a iR receiver that can be used to power on and off the HTPC. 

    I'm using W10, you can set it to automatically login to a specific account even if it's password protected.

    on top of this I'm using kodi.

    NEEO fully supports the R6 MCE remote drivers. 

    Besides iR you could use the community kodi IP driver to control kodi and the community wake on LAN driver to wake up your HTPC.

    • Niels de Klerk Witch exactly did you use? are you just using it with Kodi or also with other thinks? I was looking at the NUCs, but didn't bought one because i was not sure if the WOL would be functioning.

    • Markus Mahr intel nuc6i5syk

      but intel nuc6i3syk should be the same except for the processor


      i use a special MVC build for 3DMVC playback and HD-Audio passthrough for example Dolby ATMOS.

    • Niels de Klerk 

      Thumbs up on this comment - I have 3 intel nucs (two i5s and an i7) and they are incredibly useful!  (running a full Blue Iris DVR with 16 cameras on the i7, the two i5s do plex, openhab and playon).

  • thx for the many answers.

    i allready have a nas to stream music and movies from it, but i wanted to use the htpc also as a console / gaming pc. so it will be capable of playing some emulators and steam as well. i first wanted to use steam link, but the input delay is for some games simply to high. thats why i want to use a HTPC. so i can unite all the medias in one tv-connected device.

    Niels de Klerk

    how did you do the automated login to a password created account? this would solve many security issues...

  • I'll make a specific HTPC topic one day. There are many tricks and tips you'll need to make the most out of it. Also with NEEO and windows 10 there are some things you need to do as many of the buttons won't work since W10 doesn't come with MCE, most of the MCE specific iR codes won't work out of the box. It's not hard to make it nice but information is scarce.

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      • Huber_Raphael
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Niels de Klerk 

      Ah, cool. Thank you for the link! I hope i get the NEEO asap, so i can start to try some stuff...  :D

    • Niels de Klerk There are a lot of drawbacks of using W10 as a HTPC OS. In your opinion, what is the advantage against other devices? in the past I've been down the Windows route, but honestly I can't defend it anymore in 2017 with MDA (DTS X, Atmos) streaming services, 4K HDR, HDMI 2.0b HDCP2.2 and cheap plug and play settop boxes ticking all the boxes out of the box!

    • Pierre-Alexandre let I start to say that the ultimate solution doesn't exist. Depending on your wishes w10, Linux or android box could all be a good fit. I  wanted a kodi solution that supports 3D MVC and Dolby atoms and all below. 4k isn't a must have for me as I do not have the budget for a 4K oled. On android these are possible with a specific KODI build but the software is awfully running behind on the main release, stability is an issue in some cases and it requires a subscription. I understand there might be a different solution but I don't have experience with it. I can get everything working without any drawbacks on my NUC with windows 10. Besides using Kodi I have the advantage to run other software that I like like virtualDJ and more.

  • Hi Raphael,

    I used a HTPC for years myself to run KODI. I found the easiest solution - by far - was the use of OpenELEC ( ), which is a super lightweight Linux version designed only to run KODI. In case you sometimes need a full OS running you may have a parallel boot installation. That's how I ended up. Without any further ado the HTPC would boot OpenELEC, with a certain key press windows would be started. I have to admit that I actually never used Windows but that's a different story.

    However, today I'm running KODI on a NVidia Shield TV and I wouldn't recommend HTPCs anymore, unless you have a real need for Windows or Linux. Otherwise a Shield will just be way less hassle plus the option to use all the apps and games available for it. I therefore suggest to carefully consider whether you actually really need a HTPC.



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      Joseph Schwartz 

      Thanks for your advice. You're totally right. If streaming stuff is all you want to do, something smaller like a Shield or a NUC is much cheaper and better for it. but as i mentioned i would like to use it as a game-console-kind-of-device which means i need more POOOWER!!!  ^^'

      I'm probably gonna wait for the new AMD APU's. they should deliver enough juice for some emulators and most games in 1080p. not to talk about any streaming...

    • Huber Raphael 

      Yes, somehow missed the info that game streaming wasn't an option...

      In that case I'd go with an OpenELEC or LibreElec / Windows dual boot solution.

    • Huber Raphael I'm  a little biased but here are my 2cents: A gaming PC is something completely different than a HTPC. In all honesty, I would advise you do do a gaming RIG (a powerful dual boot steam! compatible custom build PC with real CPU and GPU for VR gaming (which is great fun), and a hassle free plug and play settop box for HTPC next to it. You certainly don't want to go through all the hassle of driver updates when you just want to enjoy a movie on a saturday night. It certainly is even more true if you're not alone at home and other people like your partner, or child if there is any, don't have the skills or time to troubleshoot why there isn't any sound or an annoying pop-up again.

      • hura
      • Huber_Raphael
      • 4 yrs ago
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      thx, i allready have a gaming rig in the office, but i would like to play some emulators or indie games with my family and friends on the tv, and because alot of these titles dont really support linux, i will have to go the windows road, as i dont really see another option...

  • I have been using LibreElec which is very similar to openelec on my last few PCs. I have now switched to an Android TV Box since I wanted to have 4K HDR @60FPS video and the machines I was using where not able to handle that. 

    I am pretty happy with that and it was way cheaper than a complete computer. 

    I'd very much like to hear more from Niels de Klerk , I am sure he has some interesting experiences to share.

    • Patrick a raspberry pi3, android box or a kodi box would do fine for most users indeed. It's hard to find a box that does 4K, 3D,  3D subtitles and HD Audio. I had one that could do it but the stability and picture quality wasn't great so I turned back to an HTPC. I chose windows because i can do other stuff as well. 


      Our other TV has a raspberry pi 3 with libreelec.

      • Patrick
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      • Patrick
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      Niels de Klerk I am currently using the Minix NEO-u9-h, and I bought it cause of the name, even though they spelled it wrongly 😉 So far I am pretty happy with that.

      I have Raspberry Pis all over my home, but not even the 3 does 4k, so I didn't want to use one for that.
      In the meantime I have learned that I sit way to far away from my TV to actually see the difference in between 4k and HD though. But 60FPS is nice when watching movies with fast movements. 

    • Patrick I have owned A Minix before, really nice machines!

    • Niels de Klerk maybe this one can handle these needs: it is the one i posted up in the first Post. It has a nice technicall spec. But never Tested, since my last Box ordered was a FireTV2 (capable of 4k content as well).

      But with my old TV there is no need for 4k at the moment. So not installed it yet. But someday there will come the Time the TV must be replaced...


      The System on this small Box is maintained with the newest Kodi after a small delay in normal cases, becuase the Guy selling these devices is also the Programmer for the OSMC.

      OSMC is a very user friendly environment when it goes arround noobs and using Kodi, since even the System and the Updates will be installed over the Internet.

    • Markus Mahr I'm more than happy with my HTPC. 😇 

    • Niels de Klerk i don't want you to place an order! ;-) But for completeness i want to put a link. Maybe someone someday finds this topic and want to have more Information, so, do you think this Box is Potent enough to play a Video file you mentioned?

    • Markus Mahr it doesn't mention 3D so I guess it doesn't support 3DMVC. It's funny that movies get more and more 3D in the theaters but less available to the home. 

    • Niels de Klerk Yeah, they've killed 3D for the customer electronics market and it will be a theater-only experience from 2017 on. From a CE point of view, 3D is already legacy.

  • I am using a fanlesh pc, with a ir adapter from flirc. This Works great. The site is

  • just to throw this in. i like the idea of a nuc or another box (android boxes are great for that) to run kodi, plex or emby etc.

    but, on the other hand, you could just have your stuff on NAS and run apps on your TV. i believe the majority has TV with app capabilities such as Plex, Emby etc so you can save the device in between.

    also you can use the remote easy as programmed to control your TV.

    i have this in use after being trough NUC, Android boxes etc and i find it the best solution. so i have Netflix, Spotify and Plex running on my Samsung TV and can control everything just fine.

      • Beni
      • Beni
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      Silvio Defuns Most of tje times there are issues with HD Audio Passthrough (5.1, Atmos etc.) when using Apps on a Smart TV. Also the CPUs are not good enough for 4K HDR etc.

    • Beni agree with that, but i would say 95% of ppl are not 4k ready yet, neither they don't know how to get 4k content.

    • Silvio Defuns i also like the approach to have less units involved to use everything, sadly no really good approch is available until now to fit the needs. i personally don't like PLEX. For me the Better Solution is KODI. But there are no eally good TVs out there that are able to Run KODI. Also not enough TV manufacturers are able to get you Amazon, Netflix and Kodi and Provide a nice clean and fast GUI. Also i don't like closed systems that bind you to not possible Update when an Update is available.

      And of course the amount of TVs Providing such features are nearly zero, when also the 4kHDR Dolby ATMOS or other HD-Audio come in place. Thats why i always have a good AVR in between all the Devices!

    • Markus Mahr amazon firestick could be an option then.

      i choose Plex over Kodi because i have a multi-room setup and also use this on iphone / ipad and remote (notebook etc). Kodi is always a standalone solution and you need to update every unit by itself, same with setup. Plex makes such things easyier. however, there are other solutions like Emby that are the same as Plex.

      having a good AVR is always recommended, that's why i also went for a quite expensive solution but it's definitly worth it.

      however, there will never be the perfect solution for such a setup as it is always personal preference and gives a lot of space to play arround with it.

    • Silvio Defuns that kodi is a standalone solution is far from the truth, I have multiple kodi instances with a single database library running on SQL. It's not hard to do this either. I can stop a movie on one instance and continue playing it on the next. 

      I cant argue with personal taste though.

    • Silvio Defuns It is the Same for me. Running three instances of Kodi on three different devices, all are in sync through the SQL Database.

      Of course it is always a personal decision what to use. But also the pay to use Option is one that doesn't whant me to use Plex. I indeed donated to Kodi and also other Software Projects in the past and will also do in the Future if the Sowftware is worth such a step. But pay an monthly fee to be able to use Software is nothing for me!

    • Markus Mahr That's correct, until HDMI 2.1 and eARC, no TV will technically be able to deal with HD surround sound. So for now, if you want HD surround audio (DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD), you will have to use an external mediaplayer and AVR. From next year on we could expect that some -flagship- TVs will be able to passthrough HD surround sound through eARC. At least if they also upgrade the SoC. Even the Sony X1 is rather anemic compared to modern settop boxes.

  • I've tried many setups (Kodi with SQL, Plex etc.) but I ended with the solution which i found the best: Emby as a Mediaserver, running KODI on different devices and sync the content into Kodi with the addon "Emby for Kodi". 

    It's much easier than setting up a SQL database and also the management of the metadata in the Emby Server is very userfriendly. And everything is free (no need to pay for an Emby pass)

    • Beni Indeed, after multiple setups (custom build HTPC, apple TV second gen, Mac Mini, Intel NUC, Nvidia Shield TV, RPI3), Operating systems (windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS, OpenElec, OpenPlex custom build) and multimedia-software (XBMC, Mediaportal, JRiver, Plex, Kodi, SPMC, Plex add-on for Kodi, Emby Addon for Kodi, Plex native app for Android TV, Emby native app for Android TV) across the last 10 years I'm using Emby for the last year. In my opinion, Emby and Plex come close, however Emby have been better in the past for development of apps for Android, Android TV and Smart TVs.

  • Didn't read the whole thread. But as someone who's done a lot with htpcs over the years.  Save yourself some time and money and get an nvidia shield tv.  You can do kodi and plex with an app. It's 4k.  The only thing it won't do is 3D.  199 and your all set.  Just load media from a network share or USB hdd.  Also check out somc

      • Nick H
      • Nick_H
      • 4 yrs ago
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      sorry SPMC

    • Nick H +1 for Nvidia Shield TV and Kodi/ Emby/ Plex. IMHO, with 4k, HDR and Streaming providers like Amazon, netflix, it's just not worth anymore to try to cumstom build a HTPC!

    • Pierre-Alexandre Is the line-up of the NVidia Shield capable of streaming 4K Content from Amazon and Netflix? or just from your own Server?

      • Patrick
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      • Patrick
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      Markus Mahr Best ist to check on that list. As far as I have understood, most players will not support 4k Netflix content since even when it is Microsoft DRM certified and has Google Widevine Level 1, there is still a Netflix Certification required.

    • Markus Mahr Yes, the Nvidia Shield TV is capable of Amazon 4K and Netflix 4K if your subscription and internet connexion are up to. You can read more about the Netflix 4K capable devices on The above mentioned link is outdated.

      Rumors are pointing out that Apple is going to announce a 4K HDR (HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision) capable Apple TV at their keynote next month, so maybe you may want to wait for it.

  • Also if you want 3d you add a rpi3.  They work fine.  

    But check out this thread

    ive almost bought the audio box.  But settled on nvidia shield tvs and rpi 3s for now.