August smart lock support

Hi everyone, I am not sure how many other users are out there, but it would be great, for me at least, to incorporate August smart lock capability to neeo.

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  • +1 I would like to see August smart lock included. Thanks

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  • I voted, I've got 5 August locks that would typically be included in a 'goodnight' recipe, although I might be bailing on them as they're just not reliable enough.

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  • a simple lock and unlock would be great, Also if it could be added as small (continually shown toggle) at the top, right next to the time (which isn't there yet ) that would be cool ! then you could access it no matter what recipe you're in.  

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  • I just ordered an August Pro (with Z-Wave). Does anyone know if the lock can be linked to NEEO via Z-Wave? Currently, I have NEEO set up as a secondary Z-Wave hub to SmartThings. It has access to my Z-Wave devices. I will connect it to SmartThings, and assume it will then be exposed. Anyone done this yet?

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  • I also have an August smart lock and have been trying to set it up. It showed up in neeo’s list of working devices, but when I set it up my neeo does not recognize the lock. At the same time my lock recognizes the neeo connection so there is a bit of an error there. I don’t know enough about the z-wave ecosystem to trouble shoot it so I contacted neeo and they said neeo is not currently compatible with August even though it showed up in the add deceive window. I hope you have more success and please share if you find a workaround



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  • I specifically upgraded my August Smart Lock to a Smart Lock Pro, so I could use the new Neeo remote, I ordered one as I saw it was supported, however now when I add the device, it asks to to connect via Zwave but on August App it asks to put the hub in inclusion mode and in Neeo app it says to put the device in inclusion mode ?? both aren't connecting unfortunately, any ideas ? I spent a few hundred dollars under assumption this would all connect easily and well.

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  • As we all can see, this is not Neeo's "priority". No one replied since this thread was created a year ago.

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