Custom Assignment, Long-press, double click and other extended hardware button functionalities

I know in the beginning it was told that all (?) buttons were re-programmable.

But I would really like to see other ways to make use of the existing hardware buttons. Extending the possible actions by using long-press or double click for example. This would make a huge difference for me as I want to use a lot of actions without having to look at the remote.

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  • I believe the SDK has support for long presses so far. It would be good to have double click available in the next release though.

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  • Long press is currently implemented for stuff like GUIDE and MENU for TV and cable boxes. There are more helpful hidden function like this. We will certainly write about soon. We currently have to deal with an enormous workload but we will get there ;) Crazy days. 

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    • Raphael  Why hidden? Seriously why do we need to read through dozens of random posts to learn by accident about this long/short push business. Where is the full owners manual please. 

      Thank you. 

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    • Karl Smith You don't have a finished Software, so everything is still possible and everything is still impossible, how would you write such a manual?

      If you have questions, you for sure can open a Topic and ask them, or you can use the search function on the site to find thinks.

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    • Raphael  this was 7 months ago, is there any progress in getting this option added to the buttons? I have great difficulty changing TV inputs as the current command in the recipes isn’t picked up. I have to press the button on the TV remote for a second or two to get a reaction. Adding the long press capability as soon as possible would be very much appreciated

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  • "implemented for stuff like GUIDE and MENU for TV and cable boxes"

    Does that mean that we are not able to map all the hardware buttons to any function of our choice?

    i.e. in a "Watch TV" receipt I want to map the Menu button for a longpress to the function "blue key" which is sport on Swisscom TV.

    Istnt that possible? I can do this easily with my current harmony smart control remote

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    • Beni Welcome on Planet NEEO. For such functions I would recommend creating a short cut. Or - if you mainly use sport on Swisscom TV you can even create a Sport recipe that get's you right into sports from the home screen. 
      I expect the hardbutton mapping to see some level of customisability in the future, but for now the customisable buttons are soft-buttons. We are always careful to find the right balance for the different type of users.

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      • Pontus Lernhag
      • Live long and prosper!
      • Pontus_Lernhag
      • 1 yr ago
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      Raphael Making the hardbuttons customizable would erase my only issue with the remote so really hoping for that to happen sooner than later. :)

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    • Pontus Lernhag Yes, agreed. Ability to customize what the hard-buttons do for my cable box would be great! Right now, I have to use a LOT of shortcuts to access my DVR, Menu, on my cable box!

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  • Glad to have found this topic. I have a Channel Master DVR+ which when you press the MENU button the OTA schedule appears. Good, but I couldn't find a key/icon to access stored recordings. I remembered once during initial recipe testing I saw the DVR+ Menu but later couldn't find how to access it (It gives me access to stored programs among other items). Now if I long press the MENU button this DVR+ menu appears, short presses bring up/close the OTA Guide . I was about to issue a bug report till I found this out.

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  • Yeah, customizing hard buttons would be awesome! A few more suggestions:

    • hard buttons should be programmable for different devices individually
    • recipes should allow to change hard-button programming (so when I switch to Youtube, the channel up/down buttons do something different than when I watch TV)
    • A little (optional) Info button at the top of the screen would open up a short list with all the mapped functions, so that new users have an easier time finding hidden functions)
    • [EDIT] This might be a bit much... but anyway: When you press a shortcut-button on the screen that has also been assigned to hard-button, a little info-bubble appears for a few seconds, telling you something like "You can also access this function by double-pressing the Home Button"... that way one would gradually and easily learn all the options available...
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  • Customizing hard buttons is a must in my opinion. Especially since some of the hard buttons just do the wrong thing. In my Swisscom TV setup for example, "MENU" does "GUIDE" instead of "MENU". I'm just not very interested in swiping through all the screens until I find my daily used buttons. Long press is also used on many devices, which makes the control of some devices hard (to not say impossible).

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  • I literally have not used my NEEO for months as it cannot perform the simple tasks I need it to. I will not use it until the buttons are customizable. I cannot FF or RW a show accurately at all. The basics are still not there! Very frustrating. 

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    • Pav I totally agree, even though most of my problems is related to my two display setup (tv and projector), and of course like everybody else, bad consistency due to ir-control only.  I never quite understood the hard button remapping request, but when you say FF and RW remapped to hard buttons, it makes perfect sense. Timing the FF and RW on a recorded tv show is very hard on the lcd screen compared to using hard buttons.  Neeo really needs to speed up the software development..

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  • Jos de Raaij said:
    I have to press the button on the TV remote for a second or two to get a reaction.
    This make me wonder if IR emitters are needed.
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  • Any updates on customizable hardware buttons? This would be really important for me.

    Not even the Power button does the right thing for me. I have a recipe for powering up / down my system (including TV, receiver, subwoofer, bluray-player). But when I use NEEO's hardware Power button, it just switches off the TV. So I would love to map it to that recipe instead. 

    There are quite a few other buttons that don't currently do what I want them to do.

    I think a universal remote should have that capability.

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      • David T
      • David_T
      • 3 mths ago
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    • Jakob Winter 

      The AVR has a master HDMI out which goes to the TV hdmi 1 which does CEC. Open up it's configuration app on the TV and set up all your devices regardless of being controlled by NEEO. Do this with the rest of the devices by enabling their CEC features.

      That's how I control my devices with NEEO remote. The main hard power button powers off all connected hdmi devices. Even the volume is central (AVR) and the buttons corespond to every recipe you choose. I even have one hdmi lead from the BRAIN to one of the ports on the receiver.

      Note : The NEEO settings remain unchanged



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    • Emmanuel Serebe Unfortunately I have a "stupid" Sub-Woofer, which can't be controlled through other devices. So I need a recipe for that...

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    • Jakob Winter ,

      That not need be in the recipes! I have a very old JBL woofer directly connected to AVR and has auto power on when Amp sends low frequency stream but you could also use an auto power saver strip with the Amp connected to the master socket. When it turns on, the connected devices are also powered on. I think that's all there's to that.



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    • Emmanuel Serebe That could be possible "hacks" to get the system working. But should I really have to do that, when the NEEO remote could do everything I want, if it offered a bit more customizability?

      I've thought quite a bit about a re-structuring of the software of NEEO that would simplify the architecture while giving users way more control!

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    • Jakob Winter,






      True though it will take them a great deal of time to implement CEC par model of devices out there. Even the ones they have added don't work very well.

      I don't have a PS4 to test but I would love to also connect it to the AVR and see what people have been complaining about. Yes I added my devices the NEEO way but also left CEC control in place and they all work well together.



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    • Jakob Winter 

      The NEEO Pro will be able to do all that "plus more"

      What I mean by plus more is that it will be for custom installers who use additional servers like Control 4 and the like. But you too can achieve greater level of control using DIY servers like HomeSeer, Node-RED, MQTT,......etc using Forward Actions.

      I did a little search and see what I came up with : https://www.npmjs.com/package/ps4-waker




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  • We believe if you have to look down to your buttons while operating the device something with the design would be wrong anyways. Raphael.... Yes, please think about your own statement!

    We can't edit the hard button commands. I start my "Watch TV" recipe and then pick up my Roku remote. Infuriating!

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  • Raphael it seems a lot of People what this, you should start listening on them... not only with this Topic

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      • Tetrikus
      • Tetrikus
      • 2 wk ago
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      Listening to his users would be a good idea in general, yes. 😞

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  • Hi Pontus Lernhag Thanks for opening this thread!

    I am hoping for the addition of play/pause hardware buttons -- for a remote that is handling largely AV remote functions, it seems like play/pause button(s) (if not also FF/RW) should be on the absolutely required list. It's a function that is best served by tactile/muscle memory rather than hunting/looking at a virtual button screen.

    NEEO *needs more hardware buttons*

    Elegance is fine, but functionality for a universal remote is paramount.

    Hope they are listening.



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  • Raphael Pontus Lernhag

    The free programming of the HW keys is a mandatory must for the next update!

    Since this is not available, I have put my Logitech back into operation.

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